GTA 6: The 6 Features That Will Make It the Best Grand Theft Auto Ever

GTA 6: The 6 Features That Will Make It the Best Grand Theft Auto Ever – Grand Theft Auto VI, the next game in the GTA series, should add a lot of cool new features to the series.

But it should not only use these gameplay features but also make them better. That way, the new game will feel like a real follow-up and be worth the wait. The first trailer didn’t show any gameplay elements, but they may be shown in later trailers.

Before then, let’s look at six things from Grand Theft Auto that Grand Theft Auto VI should copy and make better.

The following things should be added to GTA VI: 6 Grand Theft Auto features that are better

1) Destructible environment

Grand Theft Auto games don’t have a lot of environments that can be destroyed. Some posts, fences, wooden benches, and traffic lights can be broken through by players, but attacks can’t go through stronger buildings. It’s strange when a big tank hits a wall and only leaves some rough cracks.

As a result, one of GTA VI’s traits should be an environment that is easy to destroy. Player acts should not only be able to damage the things listed above, but they should also affect the game’s buildings and walls.

After some time, these items should return to their original state or be fixed by NPCs, which would make the open world of the game feel more alive.

2) Close fighting

GTA VI’s melee fighting should be based on games like San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4. The first one had a detailed system for close combat, while the second one had clubs all over the map where players could learn new ways to fight.

GTA 6: The 6 Features That Will Make It the Best Grand Theft Auto Ever

Rockstar can also learn from Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, which came out in 2006 and had a grappling system. If the close combat in the sequel is a mix of these three games, it might be a big step up from the simple way of fighting in GTA 5.

3) Customizing a car

Many features from the previous games in the series were taken out of Grand Theft Auto 5, but the customizing of cars worked well. This could be better in Grand Theft Auto VI if it had more parts that could be customized, better speed, and better graphics for its different rides.

Also, Rockstar could make different car shops in Leonida sell parts that you can’t get anywhere else. It would make sense to go to different parts of GTA VI’s map instead of staying in one place. Interestingly, the GTA 6 leaks have made it seem like the game might have more than one main spot.

4) Companies with interactive

Businesses have been in a lot of Grand Theft Auto games, but they don’t do much. Grand Theft Auto Online is a bit better than this because it has more businesses that you can grind to make millions. Because of this, this kind of feature will also be added to GTA VI’s story mode.

Still, running most of Grand Theft Auto Online’s businesses can feel a lot alike. So, Rockstar should make sure that running one business in the next game feels different from running another. This can be done by including objectives that are relevant to the type of business.

5) Different spaces

One of the best things about GTA San Andreas should be added to Grand Theft Auto VI: the different accessible interiors. This is very important for making an open-world game that feels real since a big empty map can get boring very quickly. Each inside can feel a little different from the other to make this function even better.

Notably, Grand Theft Auto VI’s leaked development video did show that the game’s interiors might be easy to get to. Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything official about this yet, though.

6) Sneaky

A stealth pose is in Grand Theft Auto 5, which is an interesting idea. But it hasn’t been put into place in the best way possible. Even though it makes less noise and can be used for takedowns, Rockstar should make a big improvement to it in the next game.

For example, GTA VI could have different stealth kill and takedown animations depending on the melee weapon being used. This would let players be more creative in some tasks.



GTA VI, the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, should incorporate six features from Grand Theft Auto to make it a better follow-up.

These include a destructible environment, close fighting based on games like San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4, customization of cars with more parts, interactive businesses, different spaces, and sneaky stealth poses. GTA VI should also have different interiors, making the open world feel more realistic.

The game should also incorporate more interactive businesses, make different spaces feel different, and improve stealth kill and takedown animations based on the melee weapon used. These improvements aim to make GTA VI feel like a real follow-up and worth the wait.

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