Five Features That GTA 6 Needs To Have To Be The Best GTA Ever

Players have high hopes for GTA 6, which is expected to be one of Rockstar Games’ most complex projects. Even though the game studio hasn’t said anything about the future game yet, fans have already started talking about new features they want to see after the game comes out.

Even though some of the requested features were just added to Grand Theft Auto Online, players want them in the Story Mode of the Future game as well. This piece lists five things that Rockstar Games must add to GTA 6 Story Mode.

Five cool things that Rockstar Games should add to GTA 6

1) Calling a Mechanic to Get a Personal Vehicle

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players can call the driver to get their own cars, which is something that GTA 5 players hate the most. Most people’s cars are fully updated and easy to drive because they are their own. But since there is no way to make a request, players have to use random cars from the street.

Five Features That GTA 6 Needs To Have To Be The Best GTA Ever

Rockstar Games should add the “personal mechanic” feature to Grand Theft Auto 6 so that players can always drive their favorite cars. It can also help when you’re stuck in a remote place with few or no ways to get home.

2) Snacking

One of the most used parts of the current game is being able to eat snacks to heal, and many GTA players want a better version of this in the next Untitled Grand Theft Auto game.

If this option was added to Story Mode, it could change the way people play by giving them more freedom to do whatever they want.

In the same way, Rockstar should bring back street vendors that players can connect with and buy food from to restore their health. This will make the game’s fight scenes more interesting. Surprisingly, GTA 6 leaks showed that such a tool was in the works.

3) DLCs for Single Players

Single-player DLCs are a big part of what gets people interested in video games and keeps them coming back for years. This feature was tried out and tested by Rockstar Games in Grand Theft Auto 4, and many fans want it in the next game as well.

Five Features That GTA 6 Needs To Have To Be The Best GTA Ever

Grand Theft Auto 6 is said to be one of the most famous video games, and the release of new Story-mode DLCs will keep the game’s popularity high. Many sources at Rockstar have said the same thing in the past. But players will have to wait for official proof until after GTA 6 comes out.

4) an Open World With Moving Parts

Rockstar Games is known for making great maps for their games, and GTA 5 has one of the best open worlds in the series. But the Pillbox Hill Mile High Club building has been under construction for almost ten years. It is one of the worst parts of the game because it makes it seem like the open world is not changing.

Rockstar Games should change these parts and make the open world more lively. Buildings, roads, forests, and other things that are being built should change over time, show growth, and regress in the same way.

This feature will make the GTA 6 map more interesting, giving players more reasons to explore the open world.

5) Better NPCs Cars

Rockstar Games should improve the cars that NPCs drive in the next game. They keep the roads and routes going, and seeing new and better cars will definitely make players want to drive them. In Grand Theft Auto 5, most NPCs drive simple cars. Even though the game has fast cars, they don’t show up very often.

In the next game, the game company should think about this and give out better cars more often. Also, the NPC cars in rural and neighborhood areas should be better so that players can get out of those places quickly when they need to.

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