Is CoryxKenshin Dead? Debunking the Fake News About the YouTube Star

Is CoryxKenshin Dead? An American makes YouTube videos such as Coryxkenshin. His birthday is November 9, 1992. His real name is Cory DeVante Williams. He has gained more than 17.8 million subscribers since he first joined the site in 2009.

What made him popular was how funny he was when he played scary games. His popularity grew over time, making him the fourth most well-known creative person in the US in 2021.

He has a brother named Anthony and a dog named Samson the Savage. He has taken several unplanned breaks from his job as a content producer. One break lasted two years, from September 2011 to July 2013.

Is CoryxKenshin Dead?

After Coryx Kenshin’s amazing return to YouTube, rumors started going around that he had died, which scared his fans. Is Cory not alive? Coryx Kenshin seems to have fallen for another online death prank, which is good news.

This makes us think that Cory is still living since there has been no official notice that he has died.

Why is ‘CoryxKenshin Dead’ Popular?

There’s no reason why the death of Coryx Kenshin is popular right now. He still puts movies on YouTube, but he doesn’t post anything new on TikTok anymore. He has a successful business on YouTube and TikTok, and now he also sells his T-shirts and coats.

Is CoryxKenshin Dead?

He’s been called many names because of the way he plays video games, such as “the ankle breaker.” This is a reference to the fact that he barely gets away from his enemies when he plays video games. In a number of his videos, he has made it clear that he is a devoted Christian.

Cory dropped out of Michigan State University to focus on his job as a YouTuber and internet star.

Reports of Coryx Kenshin’s Death Are False

There were reports that CoryxKenshin had died on July 26, 2023, when Google gave the wrong date for the YouTuber’s death. If you look for his name on Google, a biography from Wikipedia comes up. It tells you everything you need to know about the internet star, like when he was born and when he is said to have died.

Google said that he died on July 16, 2023, and pictures of the page went viral on Twitter. But he hasn’t died. The death date no longer shows up when you look for CoryxKenshin. This means that Wikipedia fixed the mistake after it went viral on social media.

Fans Were Tricked by a Fake Death Date

A lot of fans thought the YouTuber had died because of the fake death stories. “Man, my heart dropped when I saw that. I’ve been watching CoryxKenshin for so long,” said one Twitter user.

“Why do you guys play like that so much? “I thought CoryxCenshin died omg,” said someone else. “Wait, CoryxKenshin is dead?” asked a third person.

Is CoryxKenshin Dead?

The YouTuber just revealed that he will have a small role in the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, which comes out in October.

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A Death Hoax on the Internet Claimed That Coryx Kenshin Had Died

If the online star had died, his staff would have said something because he was so well-known on the internet. They haven’t said the same thing, and neither has his family. Also, his death has not been mentioned by any news source. We can be sure that he is still living because of this.

It looks like Photoshop was used to make the Google screenshot, which shows that the original Detroiter has died. It wasn’t clear how the report that he had died got started at the time this story was written.

A news source says that people online think CoryxKenshin has died since he hasn’t shared anything on TikTok in over a year. Additionally, he hasn’t tweeted anything since May, which has made his fans think that he may have died.

But it’s important to keep in mind that the person who made the content is still active on other social media sites, like Instagram and YouTube. There are about 17.8 million people who follow him on YouTube. Coryx Kenshin will only be away from the internet for a short time. He hasn’t been on the internet in a while, so it’s not safe to assume that he died.

An internet death hoax seems to have claimed that the blogger had died. He’s not the first person to get caught up in the dark social media trend. It is essential to check information from reputable news sources or the people who are the story’s subject.

Since no one has stated that Coryx Kenshin has died, it seems likely that he is still alive. Even stranger was the statement because there was no online list of the reason for death. The YouTuber is best known for making videos about online video games. Three million people follow him on Instagram, and more than five million people follow him on TikTok.

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