Big Al Mack’s Wife Aimee Hospitalized in the Virgin Islands: What We Know So Far

Big Al Mack’s Wife Aimee Hospitalized in the Virgin Islands: The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show started in 2024 with some big changes to its cast. Those changes were made because Big Al Mack wasn’t on the show because his wife was having some very serious health issues.

Aimee, Big Al’s wife, got sick and had to go to the hospital in the Virgin Islands. Many people want to know what happened to her and if the end is near for the couple. This is what we know about Aimee’s health and what happened to her.

What Happened to Big Al Mack’s Wife?

Big Al Mack is in the Virgin Islands with his sick wife after she got sick while they were on vacation over the holidays. He has called into The Kidd Kraddick Show more than once to give reports on his wife’s health, even though he is not on the show right now.

Not only do we not know exactly what is wrong with his wife, but neither do the doctors who are attending to her.

Al said that the doctors think it’s some kind of sickness and that they are just trying out different treatments to see which one works best.

Big Al Mack Wife Aimee Hospitalized in the Virgin Islands

There have been times when he called into the show and complained that the doctors were taking too long to treat his wife, even though he did say that they were doing everything they could.

Because she is getting treatment away from home, it has caused her some problems that could have been avoided.

Al Has Repeatedly Asked for Prayers for His Wife

After being in the hospital, Big Al has been asking people to pray for his wife as she continues her care.

In the first statement, he said, “We pray that you will protect Aimee with a shield and keep her safe from the enemy.” “You have her.” We believe you will keep Satan from hurting her. We pray, “In the name of Jesus, she will be healed of all sickness and pain.”

“In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray and ask that You will bind, rebuke, severe, disallow, and dissolve any diseases that are coming against her from the air, water, food, or any other sources,” he said. “You helped the blind and the crippled.”

We believe you can fix Aimee’s body, mind, and spirit because you have slain demons and brought the dead back to life. Please take care of her.

Al and Aimee are stuck until she is well enough to go home, which is a shame. It’s always awful to get sick on vacation, and it’s even worse when you have to go to the hospital. People who like Big Al have sent their thoughts and hopes that she will get better and be able to go home.

Both Big Al and her friends at home will have to wait and see until doctors figure out what’s wrong with her.



The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show has made significant cast changes due to Big Al Mack’s wife, Aimee, suffering from serious health issues. Despite being on vacation, Al has called the show to report on her health, expressing hope for her recovery and the end of her suffering.

Doctors are trying various treatments, but Al has been asking for prayers for her. Aimee is currently in the Virgin Islands, and her friends hope she recovers soon.

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