Is Digger Manes Suffering From a Serious Illness? The Moonshiner’s Health Update

Is Digger Manes Sick? Fans are worried that Mark Ramsey will no longer be in Moonshiners after the news came out. There is a lot of talk about whether Mark Ramsey is sick, whether health problems were a reason for his leaving, or whether there is another reason.

Mark Ramsey became famous when he was on Moonshiners, a documentary and drama show on DSC. Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes work together to make a lot of money from illegal moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains.

Ramsey was born and raised in East Tennessee. As a young man, he learned how to make moonshine from a specialist in the area. When the new season starts, Mark’s comment about stepping down gets fans excited and makes watchers curious.

As rumors spread that Mark Ramsey is leaving the show, fans think that he may be sick, which makes his choice to leave even more interesting.

Is Mark Ramsey Sick? Update on Health in 2023

Fans worry about Mark Ramsey’s health because there are rumors that he is leaving the show, which has led to rumors that he is sick. It’s unclear what’s going on because fans are wondering if Mark Ramsey’s departure from the show is because he is sick.

On the other hand, there is no news about Mark Ramsey’s health in the media. We still hope for the best when it comes to his health. While this is going on, rumors about Mark Ramsey’s health grow as Moonshiners Tim Smith tweets,

“Prayers up for Mark and his family.”

When Mark’s fans heard the sad news about his family on January 24, 2023, they prayed for him. That being said, Tim’s tweet wasn’t about Mark’s health; it was a word of sympathy about the death of Mark’s stepmother.

Is Digger Manes Sick? 

Recent news stories about Mark Ramsey don’t seem to imply that he is sick or having serious health problems. Even though there were tweets about Mark’s stepmother, we hope that Mark Ramsey is healthy and not sick.

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Moonshiners: Did Mark Ramsey Leave the Show? Check the Facts!

A crime documentary show called Moonshiners has a lot of fans because of its unique story. A lot of the episodes are about people who are making moonshine, a boozy drink, illegally.

The Discovery Channel has turned it into a reality show about people who make their moonshine, even though it shows illegal actions. At Sugarland Distilling Co., which they own together, Mark Ramsey and his friend Digger Manes learn more about distillation.

In Moonshiners Season 12, Episode 6, Mark and Digger find a device on their truck that can track them. In addition to problems with their moonshining business, Mark has also had domestic problems.

During the introduction of Beaz in Season 12, Episode 12, Mark Ramsey talks about ending his relationship with Digger. Mark and Digger stay put as cast members of Moonshiners, even though things get hard.

Mark might change his mind about stepping down, and fans are unhappy with the changes Mark and Digger are thinking about making. However, the problems the two had in Season 12 aren’t the first time they’ve had problems while making Moonshine.

Because of this, fans shouldn’t talk about Mark’s possible exit until he says something.

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Fans are concerned about Mark Ramsey’s health after rumors of his departure from the crime documentary show Moonshiners. Ramsey, who gained fame for his role as Digger Manes, worked together to make money from illegal moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains.

Despite the rumors, no news about his health has been released in the media. Fans hope for the best and should wait for Mark’s statement before discussing his possible exit.

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