What Happened to Maxie on ‘General Hospital’? How She Recovered from Brain Surgery

What Happened to Maxie on ‘General Hospital’? For a show like General Hospital, a new cast member will be noticed. The American soap opera that has been on the air the longest in history is about people whose lives are connected to the same hospital in the made-up city of Port Charles, New York.

The show has been on since 1963, but many of the same actors have been in it for many years. Because of this, actors have to be replaced in well-known parts all the time, which does get the attention of longtime viewers.

This is especially true for someone like Maxie Jones. Since her first appearance in 1990, this General Hospital character has had several temporary and permanent replacements as Maxie grows in the canon.

Maxie has been played by different people as recently as 2023. But what happened to the person whose behavior changed so quickly? Let us break it down.

Maxie Jones Was Replaced for a Short Time on “General Hospital”

Maxie is the oldest daughter of Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings, two of the most well-known and wealthy people in Port Charles. Fans of General Hospital know her as their daughter, but Max Scorpio is her real father figure. She is, of course, used to the drama and gossip that the characters on the show often deal with.

What Happened to Maxie on 'General Hospital'?

Kirsten Storms, who used to be on Disney Channel, has played Maxie since 2004. But fans were quick to notice that she had been cast in a different role in the show airing on December 27, 2023.

Nicole Paggi played Maxie. She has been in shows like Pasadena and Hope & Faith before. The replacement was only temporary, though, and Soap Opera Digest said that Kirsten was back the day after Nicole’s visit.

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It’s Not the First Time That Kirsten Storms Has Needed a Substitution on the Show

But Kirsten has been briefly replaced by Maxie, even though she has been in General Hospital for a long time. She’s had to take sick leave more than once in the past. In 2011, Kirsten left the show for a short time, and Jen Lilley took her place. In 2012, Kirsten came back to play the part. Of course, actor Molly Burnett filled in for her on occasion from 2016 to 2018.

Kirsten took another medical leave in 2021 while she healed from surgery on her head. At the time, Maxie was taken off the show for a short time because she had been in Texas for a long time.

Unfortunately, Kirsten was absent for only one show this time, but this seems to be normal for her long stays at General Hospital.

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Maxie Jones, the oldest daughter of Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings, has had multiple temporary and permanent replacements on the American soap opera, General Hospital. In December 2023, she was replaced by Nicole Paggi, who has previously played Maxie in shows like Pasadena and Hope & Faith.

Kirsten Storms, who has been in the show since 2011, has previously taken sick leave and has been absent for one show.

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