What Happened to Mac Jones? A Look at His Stats, Mistakes, and Challenges

What Happened to Mac Jones? For many years, it looked like the New England Patriots would never lose, and they were meant to be great. That was no longer the case, though, when the NFL season came around in 2023. In the middle of the trouble might have been Mac Jones.

Mac should be a star that stands out. That didn’t seem to be the case for a lot of games, though. Bailey Zappe was chosen to take over as quarterback for Mac so that the terrible season could be saved.

What Happened to Mac Jones?

Pats fans are left to wonder: how did we get here with Mac sitting on the bench? After all, Mac was meant to be a great person. He set records for passer rating and completion rate while playing college football at the University of Alabama.

The Patriots didn’t think twice about picking him in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft after all that early praise. They must have thought the player had a lot of promise after all.

What Happened to Mac Jones?

Not everything they said was wrong. Even in his first year, Mac led the team to the playoffs and became famous among football fans across the country.

Before Bailey was put in place of Mac, his performance was slowly getting worse. The Patriots lost a string of games, and many fans started to blame the quarterback and offensive line for that.

The team had already lost a lot of games before their game against the Indianapolis Colts on November 12, 2023. So, when Mac was hit five times in one game, the coaches had enough and took him out of the starting order.

It wasn’t a big surprise. Thoughts about the move were already going around before the Patriots’ bye week. “No. “That’s not something we’ve talked about,” Mac said on the Jones and Mego Show on November 14, 2023, before the short break. The player quickly knew the answer when he was taken out of the race.

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Will Bill Belichick be Fired by the Patriots?

Pats can put Mac on the bench, but that might not be the only problem. The team is only as good as its coaches, after all. All eyes are on Bill Belichick right now.

What Happened to Mac Jones?

“If they fire Belichick or the coach otherwise chooses to retire, there’s a chance that whatever gains would be made by hiring an offensive coach might be countered by a Belichick-less defense taking a step backward,” said ESPN’s Bill Barnwell.

Bill has been fired before, though. To the world, it looks like he quit his job as head coach of the New York Jets. “The story, perhaps apocryphal, holds that Bill Belichick scrawled that phrase on a napkin moments before announcing his resignation to an assembled media throng,” says Grantland.

A lot of Jets fans will remember that Bill was only there for two days before he tried to leave. After all, he’s been known to split up when things get tough, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he left the Patriots too.

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The New England Patriots faced a difficult 2023 season, with quarterback Mac Jones sitting on the bench. Despite his potential, his performance worsened after being hit five times in one game. The team’s coach, Bill Belichick, is also under scrutiny, as he has been fired before.

The team’s future is uncertain, as the team’s success depends on their defense, which could be a potential issue if Belichick is fired or if the team struggles with injuries.

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