Cody Rhodes Injured: How It Happened and What It Means for His Future?

Cody Rhodes Injured: Cody Rhodes won’t be at his best when he fights Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions on May 27. There were rumors that The American Nightmare showed up on Raw this week with what looked like a broken arm.

Update on Cody Rhodes’s Injury in WWE

Brock Lesnar beat Cody Rhodes badly backstage in the WWE RAW video that came out. As the Beast got closer to the ring, he caught his opponent off guard and used what looked like a beer keg to break his arm.

Rhodes told everyone about the Night of Champions Open Challenge after he said he wouldn’t be able to make it.

As the American Nightmare went back to fight the ten-time world champion and got stuck in a Kimura lock, angry fans watched as Brock Lesnar seemed to break Cody’s arm live on TV.

Cody Rhodes Injured

Triple H was ready to back out of the fight at Night of Champions, but Rhodes was adamant that they carry on. Even though Brock Lesnar said he would host an Open Challenge, the fight that was supposed to happen this Saturday will still happen. This makes it look like Cody Rhodes’ arm injury was just a set for a show.

In staged scenes, real injuries don’t happen very often, and Lesnar has faked many “broken” limbs on TV in the past. WWE is the most popular and watched event. In April 2012, Lesnar “broke” Triple H’s arm during a WWE RAW show.

The Beast broke Shawn Michaels’ arm again and hurt him in the same way at SummerSlam. All of this was planned to make Brock look bad and make the story more exciting since neither HBK nor The Game were seriously hurt.

That being said, Cody Rhodes might still go to Night of Champions, even after what happened on the most recent WWE RAW. But the damage to the plan won’t help him.

Brock is expected to win the next match because his arm is hurt. This will set up an exciting return at SummerSlam in August.

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What Happened to Cody Rhode’s Hands?

Behind the scenes at the May 22 WWE Raw show, Brock Lesnar hit Rhodes with a metal barrel and broke his arm. In the late evening, Lesnar beat Rhodes in a short fight, locked him in the Kimura, and broke what looked like Rhodes’ arm.

Did Cody Rhodes Hurt His Nose When He Faced Rey Mysterio?

During their fight on January 21, 2011, Rey Mysterio hit Rhodes in the face with his open knee brace, breaking his nose. Rhodes said that because of this, he was no longer looking good and needed surgery to fix his looks.


Cody Rhodes was injured in a WWE match against Brock Lesnar, with rumors suggesting he broke his arm during a backstage confrontation. Despite the injury, Rhodes is expected to compete in the upcoming Night of Champions Open Challenge.

Lesnar has previously faked injuries on TV, making the event more exciting. Rhodes may still attend the match, but his injury will affect his performance.

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