Where is Glenda Cleveland Now? The Neighbor Who Tried to Stop a Serial Killer

Where is Glenda Cleveland Now? Glenda Cleveland became famous when she was a witness in the famous O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1994. Cleveland, who lived in the same area as Nicole Brown Simpson, gave important evidence about hearing loud noises the night of the murders.

Her report helped shape the story of the trial in some ways. But a lot of information about Glenda Cleveland’s life and where she is now is still unknown. For the most up-to-date information, you should look at more current sources.

Who is Glenda Cleveland?

Glenda Cleveland lived in the building next to Dahmer’s apartment and was his neighbor. The Cleveland family raised nine kids on a Mississippi farm. They taught their kids how important it was, to be honest and help others when they needed it.

USA Today says she told a reporter in 1991, “I don’t see any excuse for people not to care about other people.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says she worked as a data entry clerk until her job was finally taken away.

Where is Glenda Cleveland Now?

Monster makes Cleveland look like Dahmer’s real next-door neighbor, but TODAY says that Dahmer’s real next-door neighbors in Milwaukee’s Oxford flats, which have since been torn down, were Pamela and Vernell Bass.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Pamela remembered putting blankets under her door to keep the smells from Dahmer’s house out. According to the Los Angeles Times, Dahmer’s reason at the time was that the meat in his fridge had gone bad and his freezer had broken down.

Cleveland didn’t live next door to Dahmer, but she did notice the killer’s strange behavior and often told the police about it. There’s more to that, though.

Where is Glenda Cleveland Now?

In a 1991 TV interview, Cleveland talked about the incident and said, “He was let down as low as he could get.” That was also true of his grave. A story from TODAY says that is as low as it gets.

Dahmer did horrible things in Cleveland’s neighborhood, but Cleveland lived in her apartment on 25th Street until 2009. She would tell her brother, “I’m not going anywhere,” when he asked her, “Why don’t you move away from that house on the haunted hill?” “I’m not going anywhere,” she would say, according to USA Today.

Where is Glenda Cleveland Now?

USA Today says she lived in a new apartment just a few blocks away for two years after moving. After she lost her job as a data entry clerk, she helped her daughter with her nine kids. USA Today says that Cleveland also kept in touch with the Sinthasomphones and went to one of their boys’ weddings.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said that Cleveland died in 2011. USA Today says that her daughter Sandra Smith works as a nurse in Milwaukee.

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What Happened to Glenda Cleveland?

After Dahmer went to prison, Cleveland became famous as a neighborhood hero. In addition, she got several awards from women’s groups, and the Milwaukee Police Department personally thanked her for her help with the Dahmer investigation.

In her later years, Cleveland stayed in Milwaukee and spent a lot of time taking care of her grandkids. She left this world on December 24, 2010, at the age of 56. Cleveland’s family hasn’t said anything about Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story in public yet.

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Glenda Cleveland, a witness in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, provided crucial evidence about hearing loud noises during the murders. She lived next to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment and raised nine children. Cleveland worked as a data entry clerk until her job was taken away.

She lived in her apartment until 2009 and later moved to a new apartment. After Dahmer’s prison, Cleveland became a neighborhood hero and received awards from women’s groups.

She died in 2011 and her daughter Sandra Smith works as a nurse in Milwaukee.

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