Maren Morris Divorce: A Timeline of Their Romance and Breakup

Maren Morris Divorce: Maren Morris, a country music star known for her strong voice and hit songs, was in the news when she announced she was getting divorced. Morris became famous with her Grammy-winning album “Girl” and hit songs like “The Bones.” She was born in Arlington, Texas, on April 10, 1990.

She had already given social media fans hints about her personal life, but when she announced she was getting divorced, things changed.

There was a lot of talk about the breakup with fellow musician Ryan Hurd, and fans wanted to know why. People are still interested in the details of Morris’ breakup, just like they are with any famous person.

Who is Maren Morris?

In the United States, Maren Larae Morris sings and writes songs. Her music has country roots, but it also has pop, R&B, and hip-hop bits and pieces. Morris has won many awards, such as five Academy of Country Music Awards, a Grammy Award, and an American Music Award.

Morris was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. As a child, he liked to sing. She started singing in public when she was nine years old and went on a tour of Texas. She put out three studio albums on small record labels when she was in her late teens and early twenties.

Maren Morris Divorce

At the same time, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to try to make it as a country music singer. After her self-titled EP from 2015 did well on streaming services, Morris got a publishing deal and then a recording deal.

The Marriage

While Morris and Ryan Hurd were writing “Last Turn Home” for Tim McGraw, Hurd met Morris. At first, they were just friends. They started dating in December 2015 and said they were getting married in July 2017. They got married in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 24, 2018.

After that, the pair moved into a house in Nashville, Tennessee, that had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a porch that went all the way around the house. In March 2020, they had their first child, a son.

Maren Morris Divorce

Maren Morris, 33, speaks out about her breakup with Ryan Hurd, whom she divorced two months ago, saying that they had “irreconcilable differences.”

When Morris talked to Howard Stern on SiriusXM on December 13, she said that her breakup with the 37-year-old singer is still in the works. She said it was still going on.

At Stern’s question about whether she was ready to date again, she said, “I would like the divorce to sort of wrap up.” “I’m not ready for that yet.” But I’m writing a lot right now; writing songs has been my way of meeting.

Maren Morris Divorce

In October, the “Get the Hell Out of Here” singer asked for a divorce, saying that she and Hurd could not “live together successfully as husband and wife” after five years of marriage.

Morris took his case to a court in Tennessee. In their prenuptial agreement, which spells out how the couple’s assets will be split, Morris asked Hurd to pay child support for their 3-year-old son.

Following a few weeks, Morris shared a picture of herself and Hurd taking their dinosaur-themed son trick-or-treating on Halloween.

She said on the show, “I think this year has—for a lot of people, not just me—a lot of people close to me have gone through it.” She then said, “I cut all the trauma out of my hair,” referring to her new bob haircut. “A lot of people I know have been through breakups or divorces.”

Morris also talked about how she was turned down from major music competitions like The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and American Idol.

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Maren Morris Career

Morris first went to Texas when he was 11 years old. Her dad booked her and took care of her. Morris often played in bars and clubs in Dallas and Fort Worth. It was always my job to play music on the weekends while my friends went to sleepovers, she said.

In 2005, she took her first trip by herself to Grammy camp. Morris was one of only a few high school students from across the country picked to go to the Grammy Foundation camp. She met people who work in the music business at classes.

Morris’s first studio record, Walk On, came out when she was 15 years old. The small Mozzi Bozzi label put out ten songs that were mostly written by the artists themselves. Kallie Morris, her mother, says that her parents “literally sold the furniture out of the house” to pay for the record.

All That It Takes, Morris’s second studio record, came out in 2007 through Smith Music. It was mostly self-written, like her first record. Their 2021 country song “Chasing After You” made it to the top five on Billboard’s charts.

On June 4, 2021, she sang on “Last Train Home” by John Mayer as a guest artist. She also recorded “Why You No Love Me” and “Shot In The Dark” for his album Sob Rock. After “Circles Around This Town” in January 2022, Morris released another song.

Her next studio record, Humble Quest, came out in March 2022. This record was made by Greg Kurstin. GQ said that their style was a “return from glittery pop to her stripped-down country roots.”

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Maren Morris, a country music star known for her Grammy-winning album “Girl” and hit songs like “The Bones,” has announced her divorce from fellow musician Ryan Hurd. Morris, born in Arlington, Texas, began singing at nine and moved to Nashville to pursue her career.

She married Hurd in July 2017 and they had their first child in March 2020.

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