Is Kelly Clarkson Dating Brett Eldredge? The Truth Behind Their Rumored Romance

Is Kelly Clarkson Dating Brett Eldredge? The latest rumors are that country music star Brett Eldredge and the multitalented Kelly Clarkson are dating. There have been rumors going around in the news and on social media that Eldredge might ask Clarkson to marry him.

In this piece, we look at where these rumors came from, the evidence, and the real story behind the engagement rumors.

Is Kelly Clarkson Engaged to Brett Eldredge?

Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge don’t seem to be engaged after all! Even though there have been reports about them dating for a while, these pregnancy rumors don’t seem to be true. The supposed couple has also not made any such statements.

Is Kelly Clarkson Dating Brett Eldredge?

Brett is a big fan of Kelly Clarkson and was thrilled to be able to sing and perform on stage with her. The country music star also talked about the dating rumors, saying that they always come up and that he just loves making music with them.

Brett Eldredge and Kelly Clarkson: Are They Dating?

Brett Eldredge and Kelly Clarkson are not dating, but in a recent interview, the “Songs About You” singer talked about how much he loves the “Whole Lotta Woman” singer. Brett said that Clarkson asked him to record “Under the Mistletoe,” and he said that he is a huge fan of hers.

After winning American Idol, the singer also saw Kelly Clarkson live while she was on tour. Brett was amazed by both the strength of her voice and the person she was.

Eldredge feels lucky to work with great women, and he credits Kelly as the reason for being such a great person and a great person because he got to share the stage with her and said it was like a dream.

Brett Eldredge seems to be single because he said that he loves his family and everything else, but he doesn’t have the person with whom he would live his life. He is very open to meeting that person and is getting closer every day, and he is very positive.

Is Brett Eldredge Dating Someone?

Brett’s love life seems to be empty right now, but he’s hoping that he’ll find love one day. On the “People Every Day” show in October 2022, he talked about his search for the one.

Is Kelly Clarkson Dating Brett Eldredge?

“The idea of love at Christmas makes me feel a lot of wonder and romance,” he said. “I love my family and everything, but I don’t have the right person to share my life with.” But I’m open to it, and I’m getting closer every day. I’m very hopeful.”

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Following Her Divorce, Is Kelly Clarkson Still Dating Anyone?

Kelly’s fans know that she asked Brandon for a divorce in 2020, after being married for almost seven years. When the divorce was completed in March 2022, Kelly was told to give Brandon a one-time payment of $1.3 million.

She was also told to pay Brandon spousal support and child support every month for their two kids, River Rose and Remington Alexander. She has talked about how she feels “limited” in the marriage and like she lost her spark since then.

After that, it’s not a surprise that Kelly is happy being single right now. A person who spoke to Us Weekly in March 2023 said that the pop star doesn’t want to date again.

According to a source, Kelly has joked that she’ll be single forever. However, she also knows that forever is a long time. Her friends have told her to at least be open to the idea of putting herself out there, even though she doesn’t want to date or get married again. But that’s not where her mind is at the moment.”


Brett Eldredge and Kelly Clarkson have been rumored to be dating, but they have not made any official statements. Eldredge is a big fan of Clarkson and has seen her perform live. He is open to meeting someone and is hopeful for love.

Clarkson, who divorced her husband Brandon in 2020, has been single since then and has expressed her feelings of being “limited” in her marriage. Despite her current happiness, Clarkson has not expressed a desire to date again.

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