Is Sofia Vagera Dating Justin Saliman? A New Romance

Is Sofia Vagera Dating Justin Saliman? As a surprise, Sofia Vergara and her ex-husband, Joe Manganiello, split up this year after seven years of marriage. Since then, Manganiello has been seeing actor Caitlin O’Connor, while Vergara has been with other people.

In October, the Modern Family star was seen out and about with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Justin Saliman. Someone close to them told ET this month that “everything is going great” between them.

That person said, “They really like each other, but Sofia is also taking things easy.” “Justin and Sofia enjoy spending quality time together, and Sofia always makes people laugh and smile.” He likes that she is straightforward and honest, that she keeps her personal life private, and that she feels free to be herself around him.

Since things are going so well, fans might be interested in this new love interest. Here is everything you need to know about Justin Saliman’s relationship with Vergara right now.

Who is the New Partner of Sofia Vergara, Justin Saliman?

His website’s bio says that Sofía Vergara’s new partner is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in fixing knee, hip, and shoulder injuries while keeping the joints healthy. The doctor is an expert in surgery and sports medicine.

She went to an Ivy League school and lived in Beverly Hills, but she got a scholarship to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. As a student at Stanford, Saliman was in charge of the sports teams and the San Francisco 49ers.

Is Sofia Vagera dating Justin Saliman?

He created NovoStitch Pro, a “revolutionary meniscus repair device,” and started a new medical company called Ceterix Orthopedics. He went to the University of Colorado School of Medicine and got his medical degree there.

Dr. Saliman is the only one who has more experience sewing up tears in the meniscus. He is an expert in techniques for preserving joints with minimal damage. “to treat injuries to the knee, hip, and shoulder, to prevent arthritis, and to avoid the need for joint replacement in the future,” says their website.

How Long Have Saliman and Vergara Been Dating Each Other?

Pictures shared by Page Six show that Vergara and Saliman were seen together in late October in Beverly Hills, California. It wasn’t clear if this was their first date or not, and they hadn’t said anything about a possible relationship.

They were seen out in public again at the beginning of November, going to dinner at the Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi.

Is Sofia Vagera dating Justin Saliman?

Vergara married her high school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez, in 1990, before she became a famous actor. It took them two years to finally end their marriage.

In 1991, they had their son Manolo. Vergara went on dates after her breakup with Gonzalez, but she wasn’t thinking about getting married again right away because she was busy taking care of her son.

This is what she told Parade in 2011: “I never wanted my son to be confused.” “It’s nice to see your kid go on vacation or out to eat for lunch or dinner, but it’s not the same as having him sleep in your room.”


Sofia Vergara, who recently separated from her ex-husband Joe Manganiello, is dating orthopedic surgeon Dr. Justin Saliman. Saliman specializes in knee, hip, and shoulder injuries and sports medicine. Vergara attended Stanford University and started a medical company called Ceterix Orthopedics.

They were seen together in October and again in November. Vergara married Joe Gonzalez in 1990 and has a son, Manolo. They have been together for two years and have been seen together in public.

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