Are Chrishell and G Flip Still Together? How They Fell in Love and Got Married?

Are Chrishell and G Flip Still Together? After Season 6 of Selling Sunset, are Chrishell and G Flip still together? We see signs that their relationship is getting stronger.

Now that the new season is out on Netflix, we can see the start of a new part of the realtor’s life. “People think I’m having a midlife crisis, but I’m having an awakening,” she says in the new season clip.

At the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion, Chrishell told everyone about her new relationship with the Australian artist. Fans weren’t really ready for this news. The two got backlash between the thank yous and thumbs up, but where do they stand now?

Are Chrishell and G Flip Still Together?

Fans and the couple may not have planned for Chrishell and G Flip to stay together, but they are. Chrishell announced on Instagram a week before the start of season 6 that they are now married, which is a big step in their relationship.

“Lovers don’t always get what they want…Sometimes it’s better than anything else” Stause said something next to a picture carousel of them kissing at an altar. “G is one of the nicest, funniest, and hardest working people you will ever meet. If you ever get the chance to meet him, do not miss it.”

Are Chrishell and G Flip Still Together?

From the few photos on Stause’s picture grid and Instagram Stories, it looks like the couple got married in Las Vegas and even had an Elvis impersonator at the party. The friendship gets stronger over the course of season 6, and even though Stause doesn’t want to go back to work after her breakup with Jason, everything goes well. There’s even a date with Marie-Lou Nurk.

But as the show goes on, Stause worries more and more about G’s two-month tour in Australia, which will happen while she is back in L.A. She’s not really into real estate, and we’re not sure if she’ll take a break from work and go meet G abroad.

On her Instagram page, it says that she did go to Australia in late November, maybe right after the fifth season was over. (We looked hard to find out the exact date that season 6 of Selling Sunset was shot.) For Christmas, she went to Australia, and she came back to Los Angeles in January. That’s when she’ll probably start shooting Selling Sunset season 7.

We used Instagram to find out that the newlyweds are loving this new part of their lives, even though there was tension on-screen. In a special interview with People, they said that they got tattoos of their wedding vows, which Stause said was “so us.”

G Flip, for one, thinks she’s in love.

“It seems pretty normal to me…” It’s great to find someone you want to spend all the time with. This makes you happy. And Chrishell is f—— really cool. They told People, “I love her so much.” “She makes my life so much better and is so beautiful.”

How did G Flip and Chrishell Meet?

The 2021 music video for G Flip’s song “Get Me Outta Here” starred Stause. The two met at a Halloween party. At first, Stause turned down the musician and said she was sorry because she was gay, but a kiss changed everything.

It looks like they are making plans for the future now that they are married. Stause even thought about the future at the gathering for season 5 in 2022.

Are Chrishell and G Flip Still Together

During the conversation, she said, “You know, I had this serious relationship with Jason. Of course, I want to have a family, but I’ve also taken some of the pressure off myself around what that looks like.”

We won’t know what they do next until the second season comes out. Congratulations to the happy couple! You can now watch Season 6 of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

Finally, Chrishell and G Flip’s love story, which was shown in Selling Sunset Season 6, goes against what people expect. Even though there were doubts at first, the couple’s surprise wedding in Las Vegas has made their bond stronger.

Season 6 shows how their friendship has changed over time, including worries about G’s tour of Australia. They are still very committed to each other, though, and are excited about this new step.

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Chrishell and G Flip, the couple from the Netflix series Selling Sunset, have announced their marriage in a surprise wedding in Las Vegas. Despite initial doubts, the couple’s bond has grown stronger over the course of the season.

Despite concerns about G Flip’s two-month tour in Australia, they are still committed to each other and excited about this new step.

The couple met at a Halloween party and have been planning for the future, with Chrishell considering having a family after her breakup with Jason. The new season of Selling Sunset will reveal their next steps.

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