Are Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together From Love Island Games?

A show like Peacock’s “Love Island Games” follows each pair with great care as they go through their unique journey. This is definitely true for Raymond “Ray” Gantt and Imani Wheeler. Because they were together, they got a lot of fans over the course of the series.

The two very popular rivals have to deal with a lot of problems in order to keep their relationship going, which seems to make it stronger.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that fans all over the world want to know if the relationship they had on TV is still going strong today.

Are Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together From Love Island Games?

Ray asked the model to be his girlfriend after they made up for the last time. He wanted to make their relationship public.

“I want to go out with you into the real world.” Before asking the important question, Ray told Imani, “I feel like we passed every test that was thrown at us here, and we can do the same in the real world.” “I kind of wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend.” I want to go there. What do you think about that?

Are Imani Ayan and Ray Gantt Still Together

Imani said she “was not expecting” Ray to take their friendship to the next level, but she still said yes.

Not long after they became friends, Imani went against their plan during the carnival events, showing how badly they could talk to each other.

Imani and Ray didn’t talk about their romance after they left the villa. They don’t follow each other on Instagram, though, and they don’t post any pictures of each other on their social media pages.

When did Ray Gantt and Imani Ayan Get kicked off “Love Island Games”?

There were some problems that the former Love Island USA contestants had to deal with on the spinoff show, and not just in the group events.

Johnny Middlebrooks took Imani during the first week at the villa in Fiji after Ray failed the tough duel task. But they got back together at the first recoupling event of the season. The other couples were after Imani and Ray after they won the “Madix Mountain” task and showed who was the boss in the group.

Still, when Love Island UK’s Mike Boateng grabbed Imani when he started the show, it felt like they had done it before. Even though Imani had nothing to do with Mike’s decision, Ray had strong feelings about the recoupling.

At the recoupling, Mike took Imani in. Ray told her, “I guess I was a little frustrated with the whole thing because for him to choose you, you had to give him some kind of vibe and energy.”

Following yet another recoupling ceremony, Mike and Imani were officially back together. However, the bad mood didn’t last for long. But they were about to leave the villa because they failed the carnival games task. Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba picked them up and took them home.

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“Love Island Games” follows the unique journey of Raymond “Ray” Gantt and Imani Wheeler, two popular rivals. They faced numerous problems to maintain their relationship, which gained global attention.

Ray asked Imani to be his girlfriend after they made up, but they didn’t discuss their romance after leaving the villa. They were kicked off the show after recoupling issues, but they returned after failing the carnival games task.

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