Yara Before Plastic Surgery: How the 90 Day Fiancé Star Transformed Her Face and Body?

Yara Before Plastic Surgery: Fans of the show 90 Day Fiancé know Yaroslava Zalohina as Yara Zaya. People often say how different she looked before she had plastic surgery. The couple Yara and Jovi Dufren met on a dating app and got to know each other through their love of traveling.

Yara was different from other Ukrainian women Jovi had met because she didn’t ask for money. This made him interested in her. In Budapest, they met for the first time in real life. At the same time, Yara liked Jovi’s shape because it made her think of Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

Jovi, who stars on 90 Day Fiancé, asked Yara to marry him after they got over their original awkwardness. After a few months, she used her K-1 visa to move to the U.S. Fans were suspicious when Yara told the show that she didn’t love Jovi. They thought she might be after his money.

Jovi’s job as a ROV boss seemed to bring in a good amount of money, which he used to pay for his trips. Then Yara’s fans learned that she had been on a reality TV show called Fashion to the People. The future 90DF star said on that Ukrainian show that she liked foreign guys with lots of money.

Who is Yara Zaya?

At the age of 28, Yara Zaya was born on June 9, 1995. She is a famous Ukrainian person in reality TV, modeling, business, social media, Instagram impact, YouTube content creation, and TikTok popularity.

Yara Before Plastic Surgery

Yara is a well-known person in the media from Kyiv, Ukraine. She is famous all over the world because she is married to reality TV star and TV personality Jovi Dufren.

The most famous thing about her is that she first appeared on TV on season 8 of the popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé. Yara is known all over the world for her wide range of skills and lively online persona, which has helped her establish herself as a versatile and important figure on many platforms.

Old Images of Yara’s Fiancé From 90 Days Look Like She Had Plastic Surgery

When old videos and pictures of Yara showed up online, people talked about how she might have had facial surgery. There were reports about Yara, but she kept denying them. She also never told her fans the truth, which they wanted.

When co-star Rebecca Parrott talked about getting full-body liposuction on a 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All, Yara had the right chance to tell her truth in front of her co-stars. Julie Trubkina told Rebecca she was wrong for not going to the gym.

Yara Before Plastic Surgery

Yara told one of her beauty secrets when she spoke out in favor of plastic surgery. Her nose used to look like a “potato,” and she talked about getting lip fillers.

In 2014, 90 Day Fiancé’s Yara Got a Nose Job

In the United States, 90 Day Fiancé may have made Yara a reality TV star, but in Ukraine, she was already on several TV shows before she met Jovi. You can watch Yara on a show called Love Online (via the TET TV Channel) on YouTube in 2014.

She was in it with her ex-boyfriend Rafael. The episode was called “Rafael and Yaroslava,” and it showed Yara, who was 20 years old and liked going to beauty centers and shopping. Yara went to Barcelona to meet Rafael, who was studying law in Spain instead of Ukraine.

At the time, reality TV star Yara was said to have had lip fillers and black hair. After she broke up with her boyfriend, the show shot Yara two months later. During the interview, she said she was really paying attention to how she looked. She was still healing from rhinoplasty, a surgery that made her nose smaller and the tip stand up higher.

People on Reddit, like u/auraQ8, went to her social media accounts right after she made her debut on 90DF season 8 in 2020 to find old pictures. The TLC fan shared a selfie of Yara that she had taken in a mirror in 2013 with the Kyiv local.

Yara, who was probably in her teens at the time, looked very sure of herself in a pouty pose for a picture ten years ago. In the shot, she had one hand on her chest. Yara, a star on 90DF, showed off her light brown hair.

One friend said, “She looks like she got work done on her teeth, eyes, lips, boobs, and nose.” This person thought that Yara got more than just a nose job.

Someone on Reddit (u/auraQ8) shared more old pictures of Yara in 2021, which made fans say, “Yara’s plastic surgeon did such an amazing job.” They thought the doctor didn’t do too much during the process, so the results looked natural.

“If I ever need a nose job, I want her to be my doctor,” user u/Tuff_Wizardess said. Yara looks like a “natural born supermodel” now, but fans say she was different back then because she was younger and her hair and eyebrows were darker.

Yara’s style has got better over time. She may not want to go back to America now that she is in Europe with her daughter Mylah. There have been reports that Yara and Jovi are getting a divorce, but they are still together and raising their daughter.

Ten years ago, the 90 Day Fiancé cast member looked very different from how she does now. But she seems very sure of herself.


Yara Zaya, known as Yaroslava Zalohina, is a Ukrainian reality TV star and TV personality who first appeared on the popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé in season 8. She is known for her wide range of skills and lively online persona.

Despite reports of plastic surgery, Yara has denied them and never told her fans the truth.

In 2014, she appeared on Love Online with her ex-boyfriend Rafael, where she was said to have had lip fillers and black hair. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she was still healing from rhinoplasty.

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