Murder in Provence Season 2 Release Date: Is It Happening? What We Know So Far

Murder in Provence Season 2 Release Date: We know that our readers get excited when they hear about a great crime drama show. We’ve already talked about some of the best crime dramas in the past few years.

Peaky Blinders, Reacher, and Mindhunter are all well-known around the world. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about another amazing show that became very famous after its first season came out. The original story also did very well when it was published in books.

The popular crime thriller series, which was based on a well-known book by ML Longworth, has been all the talk of the town. For people who like crime and drama shows and have watched every single one around the world, we think this is one of the best. People started looking for more mystery stories after the first season came out and did so well.

Fans of the drama show will definitely want to see the second part of it. The show is about a couple who do their homework together to figure out who committed crimes while they were at work. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn about how season two is being renewed. Keep reading the piece to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Murder In Provence Season 2 Release Date

People began to look for more information after the first season came out in 2022. The series has gotten good reviews from both the government and the viewers. With an IMDb grade of 7.7/10, the show was a huge hit, and people began looking for more information.

Murder in Provence Season 2 Release Date

We don’t have any official details about the next season of the show yet (at the time of writing). I know that fans are excited to watch their favorite crime thriller, but we can’t see anything about the show until we hear from the official site. The date that the show ends depends on a lot of things.

The writer will likely make another season of the show if everything goes well. I wish that everyone would keep their eyes on our website’s changes so that they don’t miss any news. He will make sure to let you know about any new information about the next season of the show by editing this part.

Who Will Be in Murder in Provence Season 2?

We know you guys can’t wait to see the show’s cast. I know that a lot of people want to know who is in season 2 of the show. I find it very exciting to watch the cast of the show. This is the show’s cast.

  • Nancy Carroll as Marine Bonnet
  • Roger Allam as Antoine Verlaque
  • Patricia Hodge as Florence Bonnet
  • Keala Settle as Hélène Paulik
  • Kirsty Bushell as Sylvie
  • Geff Francis as Francois Roussel

There may also be some new characters in the series. Even though the second season ended a long time ago, there is still a lot to talk about in the story. That being said, neither the show’s creator nor its producer has said anything new.

News About the Second Season of Murder in Provence: What to Expect?

Based on the official show summary, Marine and Antoine have to cancel their plans for the weekend because of a murder at the nearby college.

The team talks to teachers and students to find out why someone would want to kill. The body of an aristocrat was found at his crumbling house, and Marine helps Antione and Hélène look into it.

Murder in Provence Season 2 Release Date

Just as the team thinks they have all the suspects, another body is found. A young woman’s death in the nearby town of Éguilles seems to have been caused by a love affair. The body of an older woman found in a field kilometers away may also be linked.

The Official Trailer for Season 2 of Murder in Provence

We’re sorry, but we don’t have an official trailer for the next season of the show. We’ve already talked about this, but the show’s director hasn’t said anything about the next season.

If the proof comes out, the trailer for the show will also come out. You should watch the official video for season one to get an idea of what the show is about until then.

Where Can I Watch the Show?

The only places to watch the show are on ITVX, BritBox, and BritBox Amazon Channel. People who want to learn more about the platform and the history of the series can go to its main website. You should remember, though, that you should sign up for the site online so that you don’t miss anything exciting.


Murder In Provence, a popular crime drama series based on ML Longworth’s book, has gained popularity after its first season. The show follows a couple who work together to solve crimes while at work. The second season is set to release in 2022, with an IMDb grade of 7.7/10.

The cast is yet to be announced, but fans can expect new characters and a new trailer. The show is set to follow Marine and Antoine, who cancel their plans due to a murder at a nearby college. Fans can watch the show on ITVX, BritBox, and BritBox Amazon Channel.

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