What Happened to MrFreshAsian? The Real Reason Behind His Partnership Revocation

Fans are concerned about Mrfreshasian’s well-being due to his recent lack of engagement on social media. He hasn’t updated his social media accounts more frequently. 

Born in Hong Kong on March 4, 2002, Harley “Fresh” Campbell relocated to Australia in 2006 with his parents. He briefly resided with his father following his parents’ divorce.

The beating he used to receive from his violent stepbrother had left him with bruises all over his body. Harley’s mother was granted full custody of him following a legal battle.

Fresh is a competitive Fortnite player from Australia who streams on Twitch and YouTube. He played for Luminosity Gaming and Team Renegade. 2018 was his breakthrough year, as he gained a large following thanks to his dominance in the Oceanic competitive Fortnite scene.

He used to play with well-known content makers like LazarBean, Muselk, and Lachlan on live streams.

What Happened To Mrfreshasian In 2022? Updates on Illness and Health

Regarding Mrfreshasian’s whereabouts, fans are concerned. It is verifiable, nevertheless, that he is performing well in 2022. He doesn’t now appear to be sick or experiencing any health problems.

Actually, the YouTuber is currently concentrating on other projects. He said in a recent Instagram update that he has been “bein’ king.” The music video for the song “Wish You Well,” which BOY SCOUT GATSBY published on June 29, 2022, appears to include Fresh.

What Happened to MrFreshAsian?

In addition, Harley moved in with Tessa, his girlfriend, and he needs to spend the majority of his time with her and start a family. For a considerable amount of time, neither of the couple’s YouTube accounts has had any new videos uploaded.

One possible explanation for his decreased activity on YouTube could be the exhaustion he experienced from playing Fortnite and live streaming. For the time being, Fresh is taking a vacation from gaming in order to recharge and concentrate on his other endeavors.

Why Is Fresh Publishing Content Less Often?

Fresh stopped uploading on August 3, 2021, the day he lost his partnership with Twitch. Despite being one of the most subscribed streamers, the Australian’s posting frequency has dramatically dropped since the contentious change made by the video streaming site.

In September 2020, the 20-year-old inked a contract with Twitch. He went on to become one of the top Fortnite streamers on the Amazon-owned platform in the year that followed.

But with Twitch’s August 2021 change, both his verification tick and the benefits for exclusive partners have vanished. The player attested to the loss of his Twitch Bits, Subscriber Badges, and Subscriptions.

Fresh updates less frequently and is not as active on streaming services mostly because of this. He is putting his other endeavors first and taking a temporary break from streaming.

Fresh Girlfriend Tessa Himpoo

Fresh and Tessa Himpoo have been together for over two years. They recently moved into a new house together, where they currently reside.

What Happened to MrFreshAsian?

Beginning in April 2020, the couple’s Instagram profiles showcased each other. Since then, Tessa and Fresh have appeared in other Instagram photos together.

The couple seemed to be really in love with one another based on their appearance and their videos together.

195K people have subscribed to Tessa’s YouTube account. Despite the fact that she does not view the fame game as a competition, she is highly supportive of her guy, Fresh, who has 7.8 million followers.

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Harley “Fresh” Campbell, a competitive Fortnite player from Australia, has been causing concern among fans due to his recent lack of engagement on social media. Despite not appearing sick or experiencing any health issues, Fresh is currently focusing on other projects and taking a vacation from gaming.

He stopped uploading content on August 3, 2021, due to the loss of his Twitch partnership. Fresh’s girlfriend, Tessa Himpoo, has been supportive of him, with over 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube account.

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