What Happened to Cooper Dejean? The Iowa Hawkeye Who Suffered a Season-Ending Injury

What Happened to Cooper Dejean? DeJean plays cornerback for the Iowa Hawkeyes in college football. He has been in the news lately because of his health, and his friends are worried.

This post tells you everything you need to know about what happened to him.

What Happened to Cooper Dejean?

The star defender and punt returner “Cooper DeJean” hurt his lower leg. The UI said in a news release that the junior will miss the rest of the 2023 football season.

What coach Kirk Ferentz said:-

“This is truly heartbreaking for Cooper, He has played extremely well and is a real playmaker on our team. We will all be here for Cooper as he gets better, which will take a while, and go on into the new year.

What Happened to Cooper Dejean?

This season has been hard for our team. I am proud of how tough and determined our players have been in response. Our attention is on Saturday.”

Who Will Replace Cooper Dejean?

The head coach said that Deshaun Lee will play safety instead of DeJean. Jermari Harris was being probed for gambling, so Lee started the first two games of the season in his place. Harris is now the other starting cornerback.

Which Team did Cooper Dejean Represent?

Jean went to high school in Ida Grove, Iowa, at OABCIG. For his high school team, he was the quarterback and the defensive back. As a senior, he ran for 1,235 yards and 24 touchdowns and threw for 3,447 yards. In 2021, Jean was named the Adidas All-American Bowl Player of the Year.

OABCIG beat Van Meter in the state title game thanks in large part to some key plays made by DeJean. DeJean made two stops, returned a punt 14 yards, completed two passes for 52 yards, ran three times for 22 yards, scored two touchdowns, and added a two-point conversion in just two minutes.

What Happened to Cooper Dejean?

In high school, he also ran track, played basketball, and hit baseball. He has made 1,832 points in basketball, 55 more than NBA player Harrison Barnes but less than Iowa and NFL tight end T.J. Hockenson for the most points ever scored in the state.

DeJean wasn’t offered many jobs after high school, even though he was a four-star runner and had a great track record. He would rather play defense at Iowa than quarterback at SDSU. In his first year at Iowa, DesJean played in seven games.

He had four stops and mostly played on special teams. He started his second year, in 2022. He played safety, cash, and punt returner for the Hawkeyes in 2022. He also played safety in the summer. Against Wisconsin, DeJean picked off a Graham Mertz pass and ran it back 32 yards for a touchdown. This showed how flexible he is.

Also, he forced a fumble, picked off a punt on the one-yard line, and returned four punts for 82 yards, which led to a short Iowa score drive. Through three quarters, DeJean was getting more yards than the Hawkeye offense.

It was chosen that DeJean would be the Music City Bowl’s most important player in 2022. It took him seven stops, 14 yards to score on an interception, and 42 yards to return three punts.

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Cooper DeJean, a cornerback for the Iowa Hawkeyes, has been injured in his lower leg, causing him to miss the rest of the 2023 football season. The head coach, Kirk Ferentz, expressed his heartbreak for DeJean’s performance and announced that Deshaun Lee would replace him.

DeJean, a four-star runner and Adidas All-American Bowl Player of the Year played safety, cash, and punt returner for the Hawkeyes in 2022.

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