Mikhaila Peterson’s Divorce: What Went Wrong and What Went Right

Mikhaila Peterson Divorce: Mikhaila Peterson is a well-known person on the internet. She is the daughter of the famous researcher Jordan Peterson and a supporter of the controversial high-fat diet. But she is also a woman who has had a lot of problems and changes in her life, especially in her love life.

You can read about Mikhaila Peterson’s split from her first husband, Andrey Korikov, who is the father of her daughter, here. We will also talk about her other relationships, both before and after her split, as well as how she met her current husband, Jordan Fuller.

When did Mikhaila Peterson and Her Ex-Husband Divorce?

Andrey Korikov used to be married to Mikhaila Peterson. Both of them met at Ryerson University, and they got married in 2017. But after 5 years of marriage, they broke up.

Mikhaila Peterson Divorce

Speaking on her show, Mikhaila said she would have broken up with Korikov sooner if she wasn’t sure that divorce was bad. Mikhaila said she was glad she and her ex-husband Andrey were no longer married.

Who is Andrey Korikov?

He was born in 1964 in Russia and works as a business adviser and rower. He is from the Soviet Union and used to be married to Canadian writer Mikhaila Peterson before they split up. He competed in the men’s coxed pair event at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Andrey Korikov is a famous businessman who has made a name for himself in digital marketing. He has also earned a bachelor’s degree in business and technology management from Ryerson University. He has worked as a consultant for many years and is very good at what he does.

He is said to have been a business process analyst at Northbridge Financial Corporation, a business and process analyst at Menkes Developments Limited, a business consultant at Husky Injection Molding Systems, a senior business consultant at Sabre Corporation, a principal consultant in business process engineering and the Ontario Securities Commission’s lead in that field, and a principal consultant in business process analysis.

Do Mikhaila Peterson and Andrey Korikov have children?

Their daughter is called Elizabeth Scarlet Peterson. She is the daughter of Mikhaila Peterson and Andrey Korikov.

Mikhaila Peterson Divorce

Had Mikhaila Peterson gotten married after her divorce?

Jordan Fuller is an American businessman and singer who is married to Mikhaila Peterson right now. They asked each other to marry them in March 2022 and did so in June 2022.

A lot of famous people and people with a lot of power came to their fancy wedding in Nashville, Tennessee. Mikhaila posted many pictures from their wedding on Instagram and said she married the love of her life.



Mikhaila Peterson, daughter of researcher Jordan Peterson and supporter of high-fat diet, has faced numerous challenges in her life, including a split from her first husband, Andrey Korikov. They met at Ryerson University and got married in 2017.

Andrey, a businessman and rower, is a consultant and has worked at various companies. Their daughter, Elizabeth Scarlet Peterson, is their daughter. Mikhaila married American businessman and singer Jordan Fuller in June 2022.

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