Daym Drops Divorce: When Did He Get Married and Who is His Wife?

Daym Drops Divorce: The path of life is full of changes and turns that we don’t expect, and sometimes even our favorite people and people we look up to face problems.

In this way, Daymon Scott Patterson, also known as “Daym Drops,” has gained a huge following over the years thanks to his engaging personality and food reviews. Daym Drops recently got a divorce, which was a big surprise. This shows how strong he is and how hard it is to deal with personal problems in the public eye.

Daym Drops Bio

Name Daym Drops
Date of Birth 24 September 1977
Place of Birth Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
Nationality American
Height 1.96 m
Weight 180kg
Net Worth $500,000

Who is Daym Drops?

Daym Drops, whose real name is Dame Drops, is a well-known and charismatic food reviewer, vlogger, and YouTube star. He became well-known for his lively and interesting food reviews, which were often marked by catchphrases like “Super Official!” and “Foodie Fam!”

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Daym Drops became famous through his YouTube channel, where he reviews fast food and restaurant items in a fun and relatable way. His love of trying new foods and giving honest opinions about them is contagious.

Daym Drops Divorce

Because he is interesting and easy to relate to, he has gained a large online following and has been invited to appear on TV shows and work with other content makers. Daym Drops is a well-known name in the world of online food reviews thanks to his reviews. He is known for his honest opinions and lively personality.

Who is Daym Drops Wife?

According to distractify, The 43-year-old man from Connecticut got married to Ramyr Gonzales the same year he became a YouTube star for the first time. The first time they met, Daym was between jobs. This was before his food movies became his job.

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Ramyr has been on Daym’s channel for a long time, and he even vlogged their wedding in their backyard in 2012. She also shows up a lot on his Instagram.

In 2019, Daym posted a sad video called “The Truth About My Marriage,” in which he talked about how he and his wife were not in a good place.

Even though Daym and Ramyr got a lot out of his sudden success, the influencer was very busy because of it. He said that he hadn’t been giving his wife enough attention and that they were “figuring things out.”

Ramyr Gonzales Bio

Name Ramyr Gonzales
Date of Birth Sep 24, 1977
Place of Birth Bridgeport, Connecticut USA
Nationality American
Height 6 feet and 4 inches
Net Worth $1.5 million

When Did Daym Drops Get Married?

In 2012, Daym Drops wed Ramyr Gonzales, who would later become his wife.
The first time the two crossed paths was when Daym was between jobs, a significant amount of time before his cooking videos had become his full-time profession.

Daym Drops Divorce

When it comes to his personal life, Daym is notoriously private, yet it is common knowledge that he has been married three times and has been divorced twice.

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The tales that are spreading on the internet claim that he met the woman who would become his first wife when he was a teenager and that he married her after she became pregnant when he was in his early 20s.

Daym Drops Divorce

She gave birth to their two children before they divorced for reasons that are unknown; nevertheless, many people feel that Daym’s conversion to a job on YouTube was what contributed to the divorce, as his wife was not very supportive of his decision to pursue a career on YouTube.

It would appear that Daym has legal custody over their children, and he and his second wife, Ramyr Gonzalez, are currently living in New Britain, Connecticut, leading what appears to be a happy life.

Daym is currently married to his second wife and has two children from his first marriage. He has not disclosed any other women with whom he may have been involved in the past, and as of December 2020, Daym will have been married for two years.

Does Daym Drops Have Kids?

The year 2012 saw the arrival of the couple’s daughter, Kaitlyn Patterson. It should not come as a surprise that Kaitlyn was also highlighted on her dad’s channel.

She was formerly known to his subscribers by the name “Baby Drops,” but he has recently begun to refer to her as “K-Drops.” In addition, Daym is the mother of an older daughter via a prior relationship whose name is Daij.

Daym Drops and Ramyr Gonzales Social Media Accounts

Daym Drops Ramyr Gonzales
Instagram Instagram
Facebook Facebook


The split of Daym Drops showed how complicated it is to be a public figure and how hard it is to deal with personal problems in an open and honest way. His decision to talk about his journey with his audience shows how important it is to be real and open, even when things are hard.

Daym Drops is still an inspiration as he continues to rebuild and move forward. He shows us that strength can come from being vulnerable and that life’s difficulties can lead to growth and empowerment in the end.

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