Who Is Tara Pakanich? Shad Thyrion Mother Name, Wikipedia And Age

There are many unsung heroes in the realm of pop culture who manage to capture the public’s imagination while never receiving any attention.

One such person is Tara Pakanich, the mysterious Shad Thyrion’s mother. Tara Pakanich, whose child is famous, has become a topic of fascination despite the fact that not much is known about her. Tara Pakanich’s name, age, and whether or not she has a Wikipedia page will all be explored in this article.

Who Is Tara Pakanich?

Tara Pakanich and Michael Tyrion had Shad on September 7, 1997, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His mother, Tara, is not cited in Wikipedia. She could be in her early 50s.

A married lover strangled, decapitated, and mutilated a Wisconsin man, whose family called him “a monster.” The victim’s mother found her son’s head in a towel in a bucket at home.

Taylor Schabusiness, 24, faces third-degree sexual assault, body mutilation, and first-degree murder charges. Schabusiness allegedly used a sex toy on her victim and had oral sex with him after he died.

Tara Pakanich

Thyrion’s mother last saw him alive on February 21 at 9.30 p.m. when Schabusiness brought him up. Pakanich missed her son and Schabusiness’s arrival the next day since she and her partner were gone all day.

She believed they spent the day in the basement after hearing Schabusiness talk. Green Bay Police Officer Alex Wanish reported seeing a “plastic pail on the floor.

The officer saw a head in the garbage can as he removed the towel. He said, “There was what appeared to be dried blood on a nearby mattress.” Police quickly arrested Schabusiness.

Who Was Shad Thyrion and What Happened to Him?

Shad Thyrion was born to Tara Pakanich and Michael Thyrion, and he grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

He entered the workforce after graduating from high school on September 7, 1997, joining his father and grandfather in the family companies.

His obituary describes him as a “talented artist” who also enjoyed “camping, games, and spending time with his family.”

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His mother discovered his severed skull in a pail on February 23, 2022, and their lives were never the same. The last time his mother saw him alive was when Schabusiness picked him up, she said authorities.

Upon arrival at her residence, she was reportedly discovered stained in dried blood.

The check of Schabusiness’ car reportedly turned up a crock pot box with “human body parts including legs.”

Later, an upper torso and internal organs were found in a storage tote bag, as reported by the local ABC affiliate station WBAY.

Who is Shad Thyrion Mother, Tara Pakanich?

Tara Pakanich is, without a doubt, best recognized for her role as Thyrion’s mother.

Due to the fact that she avoids the public eye and does not utilize social media, there is very little information that can be found regarding her private life at this time.

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What Was Shad Mother Said About His Death?

During the trial of Schabusiness, Pakanich testified before the jury and described the harrowing experience she went through when she discovered the severed skull of her kid in a bucket.

She testified that the horrible finding was made when she went to the basement of her home to switch out a light that had been left on. She said that she went down there because she had noticed that the light had been left on.

“I figured (Shad) was sleeping,” she told the jurors, as reported by the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

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Tara Pakanich

“I yearned to resume my previous slumber. When I went to return to the upper floor, there was a bucket waiting for me. It was there when I discovered Shad.

Source: TheUSSun

After Pakanich found Thyrion’s severed head, she immediately ran upstairs to rouse her boyfriend, Steve Hendricks, who subsequently called the authorities after informing them that he had found the body.

Tara Pakanich Husband

Michael Thyrion was Tara Pakanich’s husband, and the couple had a child together. At her residence, the decapitated head of her son Shad was discovered in a bucket wrapped in a towel and placed in the bucket.

When Shad was younger, he worked in the family enterprises that were managed by his father and grandfather. These schools were located in the Howard/Suamico area.

Camping, playing, and spending time with family were Shad’s favorites. He cared for others and put their needs before his own.

He loved cutting wood. A few entries claim that family members are unknown, even if we know little about them. Your family will then receive current, verified information.

He leaves Tara Pakanich, her mother. Shad is survived by his parents, Michael Thryion and Tara Pakanich, siblings Ava Wheelock, Cilivea Sunray Thyrion, and Beau Smith, grandparents Becky and Steve Fisher, David J. Pakanich, and Elaine Williquette, and many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. Shad died on February 4, 2019.


Tara Pakanich has successfully avoided the public eye despite widespread interest in her because of her son Shad Thyrion’s notoriety.

She remains a mystery figure in the shadows of her son’s celebrity due to the lack of information about her personal life, including her age and other personal facts.

It’s important to give her space and remember that not everyone connected to famous people craves publicity. More information about Tara Pakanich, best known as the parent of the gifted and well-known Shad Thyrion, may become available in the future.

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