How Keith Richards Quit Smoking After 55 Years and What He Learned From It

Does Keith Richards Smoke? Keith Richards, the famous guitarist for the Rolling Stones, has been known for more than 50 years for his bad habits, like smoking cigarettes. But in a recent interview on CBS Sunday Morning, Richards said that after 55 years of smoking, he quit two years ago.

He said that he had used nicotine patches for a few weeks before deciding to stop. He also said that he has a lot more air in his lungs and doesn’t miss smoking at all. Richards isn’t the only rock star who quit smoking in the past few years. Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and David Bowie are also well-known artists who have stopped smoking.

In this article, we will talk about why Richards chose to stop smoking, how he did it, and what benefits he has seen since then. We will also talk about how to deal with some of the problems and risks that come with giving up smoking.

Who is Keith Richards?

Keith Richards, who was often called “Keith Richard” in the 1960s and 1970s, is an English musician and songwriter who became famous around the world as a co-founder, guitarist, backup singer, and co-main songwriter for the Rolling Stones. One of the best musical teams in history is the one he has with Mick Jagger.

Does Keith Richards Smoke?

His work has been going on for over 60 years, and the Rolling Stones have always been known for the way he plays guitar. Richards became well-known in the press because of the people he dated and the illegal drugs he used. He was often presented as a countercultural figure.

Does Keith Richards Smoke?

Richards started smoking around the age of 15. He said that his father, who smoked unfiltered cigarettes until he died at age 84, had an effect on him. Richards also said that smoking was part of the image and lifestyle of rock ‘n’ roll, which he liked.

He once called smoking “one of life’s great pleasures” and said he liked it more than drugs or alcohol9. He also said that giving up smoking was harder than giving up heroin, which he did in 1977 after being arrested several times and coming close to dying.

But Richards said in February 2020 that he had stopped smoking since October 2019. He said that his health worries and his desire to do better on stage were what drove him. He also said that his bandmate Ronnie Wood, who stopped smoking in 2016 after being told he had lung cancer, was an inspiration.

Does Keith Richards Smoke?

Richards said that he quit smoking with the help of nicotine patches and didn’t have any big withdrawal signs or cravings. He said that he was proud of himself for giving up smoking after so many years and that he didn’t miss it at all.

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Latest News From Keith Richards

Richards and his friends Mick Jagger and Steve Jordan are making new music right now. For a possible new release, they have recorded eight or nine songs.

He is also getting ready for a Rolling Stones tour of Europe that will begin in June 2023. He just played at a charity show in New York City with his solo band, The X-Pensive Winos. He also talked about his life, singing, and giving up smoking on CBS Sunday Morning.


Keith Richards, a renowned guitarist for the Rolling Stones, has quit smoking after 55 years of smoking. He used nicotine patches for a few weeks before deciding to stop. Richards has more air in his lungs and doesn’t miss smoking at all.

He is not the only rock star to quit smoking in recent years, with other artists like Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and David Bowie also doing so. Richards is proud of his decision and doesn’t miss smoking at all. He is also working on new music with his friends Mick Jagger and Steve Jordan.

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