Eminem Reveals He Doesn’t Smoke Anymore, But Still Struggles with Cravings

Does Eminem Smoke? Eminem has been open about many parts of his private life. From his drug use to his seventh studio record, The Road to Recovery. But everyone wants to know one thing about Marshall Mathers. Does he smoke weed?

Fans have been asking this question throughout his career since the Rap God hasn’t said much about using marijuana.

Who is Eminem the Rapper?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, here’s a little bit about who Eminem is and why he’s the Rap God.

Marshall Bruce Mathers is his real name. He was born in Missouri on October 17, 1972. He acts, makes records, and, most importantly, is one of the best singers of all time.

Does Eminem Smoke?

Eminen is very special because he can write songs about just about anything. You can find dark, sad, and happy songs on his records, as well as a few strange ones here and there.

No one else rhymes as quickly or as clearly as he does.

Eminem and the Cannabis Culture

When Eminem and Snoop Dogg worked together on their new song and music video, “From the D to the LBC,” questions about marijuana were “high.”

A song that is mostly about marijuana and has Eminem spitting lines like;

“If you want to smoke, I’ve got all the weed. I’m a walking motherfucking marijuana leaf, and I’m here to stay.”

Does Eminem Smoke?

Other bars use Snoop Dogg‘s official name.

“Calvin is turning me into a zombie/ Because these buds are like the Hulk, they’re twice as big as his arm/ And that is some strong green.”

He also said that Snoop’s weed is strong enough to make him start smoking again. But these are just the words to a song. It’s possible that Eminem doesn’t smoke weed, but for his collaboration with Snoop Dogg, he got into the attitude of people who do.

Prescription Drugs in the Past

He has been very open about the fact that he used to be addicted to medicinal drugs. In interviews, he said that when his career started to take off and he was living a fast-paced life, he often took sleeping pills to calm down.

After this time in his life, he took a four-year break from singing, during which he went to rehab and then relapsed. When his album Recovery came out, it was a big change in his life and work.

Even if you don’t count Eminem, it’s normal for people who used to use drugs to turn to cannabis as a more natural and less addictive way to feel better.

But that’s a personal thing, just like anyone’s battle with addiction. We shouldn’t guess how the artist has dealt with his addiction or if he uses cannabis to deal with it.

But Eminem does have a few other songs, like “Must Be The Ganja,” that is about marijuana. And then there are songs like The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady with Kid Cudi, where Eminem raps, “I had hoop dreams, now I shoot threes / Got a little green, but I don’t do weed.”

Of course, these are all just songs. In the end, it’s not clear if Eminem uses marijuana or not. But one thing is for sure: he seems to be the happy and healthiest he has ever been in his career.

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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers, is a versatile rapper known for his diverse music. He has been open about his drug use and his relationship with Snoop Dogg, who collaborated on a song about marijuana.

Eminem has also been open about his addiction to medicinal drugs, admitting to taking sleeping pills to calm down during his career. However, it is unclear if Eminem uses marijuana or not, as he appears to be the healthiest and most happy person in his career.

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