Does Ben Affleck Still Smoke? The Answer May Surprise You (Or Not)

Does Ben Affleck Still Smoke? Since the 1980s, Ben Affleck’s habit of smoking has given tabloids a lot to talk about. Recently, the paparazzi have been trying very hard to get a picture of the star smoking. This is likely because he is back together with Jennifer Lopez, who is all about health and fitness. But as much as the star of “Gone Girl” likes J. Lo, it looks like he likes smoking more since he hasn’t quit yet.

Ben has had a few well-known, long-term relationships, but none of them have lasted. What has stayed the same is how he feels about smoking. So, anyone who thinks that someone other than The Tender Bar star himself can get him to stop smoking is fooling themselves. Even Jennifer Lopez, who is a very strong force.

So, based on his past efforts to quit and recent paparazzi photos that show he is still smoking, anyone who thinks Ben is going to stop smoking to stay in a relationship is very wrong.

Here’s why it’s clear that Ben Affleck still smokes, even though he’s back with Jennifer Lopez, whose health is very important to her.

Ben Affleck is Always Caught by Paparazzi With a Lit Cigarette

If it seems like the reporters catch Ben every time he goes outside with a lit cigarette in his mouth, that’s because they do. Ben smoked a lot when he first moved to Hollywood. But it was said that when the actor from The Town found out he was going to be a dad, he quit smoking with the help of hypnosis.

But after years of struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, the smoking habit came back strong. This is not unusual for people who have beaten drug and alcohol abuse. And when that happened, the reporters were ready to take pictures of Ben smoking in public almost every time he went out.

Does Ben Affleck Still Smoke?

When the world was on lockdown because of the pandemic, the Good Will Hunting actor’s behavior was seen as normal. However, now that he and Jennifer are back together, the reporters pick on Ben for how he looks and how much he smokes.

Ben can probably expect this to happen as long as he is with the super-healthy Jenny From The Block star, even if or until he decides to quit smoking.

Jennifer Lopez Isn’t Trying to Change Ben Affleck

Ben might not be trying to quit smoking because Jennifer isn’t giving him any deadlines to do so. What’s the point?

She was engaged to Ben in the early 2000s, so she knew all about his habits. Since they don’t seem to have changed, the star of Hustlers knew what she was getting into from the start.

This could be why, when the paparazzi took pictures of Ben smoking on a balcony of the couple’s rental home in Miami in May 2021, Jennifer looked totally unconcerned as she stretched and meditated nearby.

Since then, more pictures have been taken of the Daredevil actor smoking, but since the couple is still together and includes their kids in their everyday lives, there is no sign that Jennifer is trying to get Ben to stop smoking.

Ben Affleck’s Health May Improve Being Around Jennifer Lopez

Even though he may not be giving up smoking, Ben seems to be picking up some of Jennifer’s good habits. In particular, his time at the gym. Jennifer is known to be very into exercise, and she works hard to stay in the best shape possible. But it seems that she also used to smoke cigarettes. But it’s clear that things have changed for Lopez!

Does Ben Affleck Still Smoke?

And maybe to keep up with his main squeeze, Ben started going to the gym with Jennifer and her personal trainer. Fans were hoping that Ben would adopt the healthy habits of the Marry Me star. He might want to keep working out with Jennifer over and over again.

And if this was the case, he would have to quit smoking for good or struggle through every workout the two of them do together. But, sadly, pictures taken more recently show that Ben is still smoking. This doesn’t seem to have happened.

Ben Affleck Doesn’t Seem to Be Planning to Quit Smoking

Ben may not smoke as much as he did a few years ago when he used to smoke two packs a day, but that doesn’t mean he wants to stop. If Jennifer doesn’t say anything about Ben’s smoking or try to get him to stop, he has no reason to.

So, if Ben is really going to stop, it will be for a reason that he thinks is important enough to make him stop. And as things stand right now, Ben hasn’t had a reason big enough to make him stop smoking for good.

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Wrapping Up

Ben Affleck’s smoking habit has been a topic of tabloids since the 1980s, with paparazzi attempting to capture pictures of him smoking. Despite being back together with Jennifer Lopez, who is known for her health and fitness, Ben has not quit smoking. His past attempts to quit were unsuccessful, and his recent photos show him still smoking.

Jennifer Lopez, who is a strong force in her own life, is not trying to change Ben’s habits, as she knows the couple’s history. Ben may be picking up some of Jennifer’s good habits, such as going to the gym with her personal trainer.

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