Lisa Guerrero Divorce: When Did Lisa Guerrero Married?

Lisa Guerrero Divorce: Hey, fans, are you ready for some news about a breakup? If so, let’s find out what really happened with the latest celebrity breakup.

It’s no secret that celebrity divorces tend to get a lot of attention, and Lisa Guerrero’s divorce was one of those that made headlines.

Since Lisa is a well-known figure in the entertainment business, her personal life had to be in the spotlight during her high-profile divorce.

In this piece, we’ll talk about the problems she faced during this hard time and learn some important lessons from the divorces of famous people.

Who is Lisa Guerrero?

Lisa Guerrero is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, lauded for her numerous skills and contributions.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 9, 1964, she has distinguished herself as an actress, journalist, and sports broadcaster.

Lisa has charmed audiences worldwide on television with her professionalism and charisma. She has acted in movies and TV series, covered major sporting events, and done investigative journalism.

Lisa Guerrero Divorce

Lisa Guerrero is known for her professional and charitable endeavors. Her impressive experience and appealing charisma make her a respected figure in the entertainment business.

When Did Lisa Guerrero Married?

On April 9, 1964, Lisa Guerrero entered the world in Chicago, Illinois. She is an actress and producer of the highest caliber.

Lisa is well-known for her outstanding contributions to a variety of works, such as the groundbreaking news magazine show “Inside Edition” (1988), the eye-opening documentary “Secrets of Playboy” (2022), and the award-winning sports drama “Moneyball” (2011).

Lisa Guerrero has had professional and personal success in the entertainment sector. She married Scott Erickson on February 3, 2004, and their marriage has been her source of happiness and strength ever since.

Lisa Guerrero continues to motivate and change people’s lives via her compelling performances and dedication to her work and her family.

Who is Lisa Guerrero Husband?

According to the information in our possession, the American journalist of 59 years of age is currently married to Scott Erickson.

When it comes to the details of her private life, Lisa Guerrero chooses to keep a low profile and makes it a priority to avoid being seen by the general public.

Because the information regarding Lisa Guerreros’s marriages and previous relationships is inconsistent, there is no way for us to be one hundred percent certain about any of it.

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Lisa & Scott’s Secret Divorce

Lisa and Scott had been married for eighteen years when they divorced. The dissolution of her marriage was kept a secret from almost all of her friends and family.

Lisa and Scott both maintained an extremely tight-lipped attitude over this whole ordeal. That was the case up to the point when Lisa decided to make a snarky reference to her impending divorce on Twitter. The tweet that Lisa retweeted asked users to “Name a thing that lasted longer than the Confederacy.”

Lisa Guerrero Divorce

She then went on to tell the news, to which she responded, “My ex-husband.”

It would appear that this is a definitive sign that Lisa and Scott have completed all the necessary steps to end their marriage and are no longer living together.

What Happened to Lisa Guerrero and Her Husband?

At the time, Lisa Guerrero was expectant with her fiance Scott Erickson’s child. She stated that she was under a great deal of stress during that time period, juggling her demanding career as a sports journalist with the anticipation of impending motherhood. Lisa went on to describe the day of her miscarriage, a day she will never forget.

She was reporting from the sidelines of an important sporting event when she experienced severe abdominal discomfort. Despite her initial attempts to ignore it, the pain intensified, forcing her to seek urgent medical attention.

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She was horrified when she realized something dreadful had happened. She took comfort in her loved ones after losing her unborn kid. Lisa’s perseverance inspired others and reminded everyone of the human spirit’s resiliency.

Lisa Guerrero Background

A gifted actress, journalist, and sports broadcaster, Lisa Guerrero has had a prosperous career in the media field. Guerrero is most known for her work in sports broadcasting.

Throughout the course of her professional career, she has received a large amount of admiration for her work and built up a sizeable following. However, the fact that she became so famous also meant that her private life was brought into the public eye.

When Lisa filed for divorce from her husband at the time, which occurred in the early 2000s, her private life became a subject of public discussion. The attention of the media grew more intense, and the divorce process continued to be broadcast to the general public.


Divorce is emotionally taxing, especially for celebrities like Lisa Guerrero. Media attention, privacy concerns, and emotional toll can complicate the process.

However, these stories can encourage those going through divorce to value confidentiality, mediation, emotional support, and composure.

As we reflect on these teachings, we aspire to view celebrity divorces with empathy and understanding, acknowledging that their struggles are fundamentally human experiences experienced by many.

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