How Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Survived Divorce Rumors? A Timeline of Their Relationship

Are Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Divorced? We want to shed some light on Lisa and Lenny Hochstein’s split and the drama that has been going on around them. Read general stories that are interesting and full of useful information to find out about the latest news, learn interesting facts, and gain new perspectives.

Who Are Lisa and Lenny Hochstein?

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein used to be together, and they became famous because of the TV show The Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa is a model and celebrity from Canada, and Lenny is a famous plastic surgeon who is known as the “boob god.” They met in 2007, got engaged the next year, and got married the next year. They have two children, Logan and Elle, who were both born to surrogate mothers in 2015 and 2019.

People knew about the Hochsteins because of how well off they lived, how hard it was for them to have children, and how much they helped causes. They also got into some trouble, like when Hurricane Irma hit in 2017 and they left on a private jet. From 2012 to 2013, they were on RHOM for three seasons. In 2021, they will be back for the fourth season.

Are Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Divorced?

Yes, Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein are divorced. The two announced their split in May of 2022, shortly after their peak popularity on The Real Housewives of Miami. Lenny first rejected the rumors, but he later said that he was no longer with his wife and that he was dating model Katharina Mazepa. The divorce process has been messy and full of heated fights.

Are Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Divorced?

Lisa Hochstein says that Lenny stopped giving her money, which made it hard for her to take care of their children. She said that she couldn’t buy things the kids needed because Lenny hadn’t put money on his American Express card in months. Lenny has said that these reports are not true by saying that Lisa has asked him for too much help on the side, even though he is still paying for the family.

The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Miami, which started in December 2022, shows their friendship. This means that everyone knows about the split. Lisa has said that she doesn’t want to watch the events again on TV because she was a mess at the time and wouldn’t recognize herself. People can see the couple’s fights and disagreements because they were caught on camera.

Even though they fight a lot, Lenny has said that he cares most about how their kids are doing. He wants to make sure they have a good life and take care of them. Lenny has kept an open mind about marriage, even though they are having problems. He hasn’t said that he won’t get married again, but he hasn’t been looking for a new wife either.

Lisa and Lenny have both filed new divorce papers in which they say more bad things about each other. Lenny said that when they were fighting in their old bedroom, Lisa hit him. Lisa said that Lenny had hurt her in the past, and she was afraid for their children’s safety when he was around. Both sides are still fighting about the problem in court, so it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Why Did Lisa and Lenny Get Divorced?

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein decided to end their marriage because they couldn’t figure out how to get along. The couple, who were known for being on The Real Housewives of Miami, had problems in their relationship that made them decide to break up.

Are Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Divorced?

Before Lenny said it in May 2022, reports had been going around that they had split up. At first, he denied the rumors, but later he revealed that they were no longer together and said that he was now dating model Katharina Mazepa. Most likely, Lenny’s new girlfriend made their already troubled marriage even worse.

During the breakup process, both Lisa and Lenny were very angry and blamed each other. Lisa said that she couldn’t get money, which made it hard for her to take care of their kids. She said that she was told no when she tried to buy things that their kids needed. This made her think that Lenny wasn’t doing his part to help support their family. On the other hand, Lenny said that Lisa had asked for help too often while he was still paying for the family.

The breakup drama didn’t just happen in their private lives; it was also seen by the public. The fact that their breakup is still going on is shown in the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Miami. This brings even more attention and stress to their already tense relationship. The fact that Lisa and Lenny’s split has been shown on TV has made their mental pain even worse.

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Even though they haven’t said why they got a divorce, it’s clear that they had a lot of problems and arguments that made them decide to split up. Both sides keep making new claims and counterclaims as the divorce process goes on, which makes a hard situation even worse.


Lisa and Lenny Hochstein, known for their roles on The Real Housewives of Miami, announced their divorce in May 2022. The couple, who met in 2007 and married in 2012, have two children, Logan and Elle. They faced issues with finances, with Lisa claiming that Lenny stopped providing her with money, making it difficult for her to take care of their children.

Lenny, on the other hand, claims that Lisa has asked for too much help while he is still paying for the family. The fifth season of The Real Housewives of Miami shows their friendship, but both sides continue to fight about the issue in court.

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