Barbie Foot Challenge TikTok Trend: What It Is and How to Avoid Injury?

Barbie Foot Challenge TikTok Trend: In the teaser, Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie, steps out of her shiny pink heels, but her feet stay perfectly arched, like the doll’s feet. This is a famous scene. It was a moment that started a popular TikTok trend, but now doctors are warning about how the trend is spreading and the serious risks it poses to users.

How Should the Barbie Foot Challenge Be Performed?

Shanna Scribner, a TikTok user, came up with the idea for the Barbie Foot Challenge. Her video got more than 200,000 views on the app.

Barbie Foot Challenge TikTok Trend

People are filming themselves taking off their shoes and standing up as if they were still on. The arched feet on Barbie are extremely hard to copy, and Dr. Jodi R. Schoenhaus of the Foot, Ankle & Leg Vein Centre in Florida is warning that if you try too hard, you could hurt yourself or sprain your ankle.

Is It Safe to Do the Barbie Foot Challenge?

Dr. Jodi says that most people won’t have any trouble if they try the pose once or twice. There are, however, risks that could happen if the position and stride are tried over and over again. Due to the weakness of the ankle, wearing high heels often leads to sprained ligaments and other problems.

In an interview, Margot Robbie said:

“I kind of held onto a bar so I was steady. We just put double-sided tape on the floor so my shoes would stay still.”

So, even though Robbie did the scene by herself, anyone who wants to do the task should do what she did and get some help.

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Can the Barbie Foot Challenge Cause Ankle Injuries?

Yes, doing the challenge for a long time can make you more likely to hurt your ankle. During the task, your feet are in the same position as when you wear high heels. This changes the way the foot and ankle normally work, which can put too much stress on the ankle joint and the muscles that support it.

Barbie Foot Challenge TikTok Trend

Here are a few ways that wearing high heels can make you more likely to hurt your ankle:

Reduced stability:

The challenge forces the center of gravity to shift forward, putting additional strain on the toes and front of the foot. This makes the ankle joint weaker and makes it more likely to hurt or break the ankle, especially when moving quickly or walking on uneven ground.

Increased ankle plantarflexion:

The Barbie foot challenge causes the foot to point down, which causes the ankle to bend back too much. This could make your leg muscles and Achilles tendon sore or tense.

Limited ankle mobility:

This task limits how much the ankle can move, especially when the foot is dorsiflexed (bent up toward the shin). Less ankle movement can make it hard to keep your balance, make you more likely to fall, and cause sprains or strains.


Margot Robbie’s famous TikTok foot challenge involves her feet staying perfectly arched, causing a sensation that has gained over 200,000 views. Dr. Jodi R. Schoenhaus warns that excessively trying the pose can cause ankle injuries.

While the challenge is safe, repeated attempts can lead to sprained ligaments and other issues. Wearing high heels can cause reduced stability, increased ankle plantarflexion, and limited ankle mobility, making it difficult to maintain balance and potentially causing sprains or strains.

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