Barbie Shake TikTok Trend: Why Everyone Is Drinking It and Becoming a Barbie Girl

Barbie Shake TikTok Trend: Who wouldn’t want to be Barbie? She got the car, the life, the clothes, the house of her dreams, and even a new movie. On top of everything else, the girl now has her own shake at Cold Stone Creamery. This drink is really making waves on the Internet. In a TikTok task, people dress up like the famous doll Barbie after drinking a shake as part of the challenge.

TikTok users are putting their videos up under the hashtag #BarbieShake. With just a sip and a twirl, these videos go from boring to fabulous. One TikToker, who said the shake was “actually pretty good,” went from wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt to looking like Barbie, complete with a blond bob, a hot pink dress, and stilettos.

The same thing happened to another TikToker, who went from taking a sip of the pink drink to wearing a purple top and having a whole new attitude. Even their car was made to look like a Barbie car so that it would fit with the theme.

What is Barbie Shake TikTok Trend?

People, especially guys, are getting into the Barbie Shake TikTok trend, which involves drinking a cotton candy-flavored milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery and dressing up like Barbie.

Barbie Shake TikTok Trend

The future Barbie movie, which will come out on July 21, 2023, is the source of the trend.

How Did Barbie Shake Trend All Begin?

Early in July 2023, Cold Stone Creamery launched the Barbie Shake with Warner Bros. and Mattel. This was the start of the trend. Pink Cotton Candy ice cream, whipped topping, and colorful sprinkles are used to make the shake.

KnowYourMeme says that people started making jokes about being “yassified” after drinking the shake, and the jokes finally made it to TikTok.

Why is Barbie Shake Tiktok Trend So Well-known?

People like the trend because it is fun, funny, and great. It shows how different and creative TikTok users are, as well as how much they love Barbie and her classic look. It also plays into the excitement about the movie Barbie, in which Margot Robbie plays Barbie.

Barbie Shake TikTok Trend

The Grimace shake trend, in which people act like McDonald’s mascot shake is making them feel very sick, is the opposite of this trend.

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How About a Few Examples of the Barbie Shake Tiktok Trend?

As of July 8, 2023, #barbieshake has been seen more than 6 million times on TikTok. Some of the most popular videos show guys drinking the shake, spinning around, and turning into dolled-up Barbies.

Some of the videos use the movie’s music song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua or its remix by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. Here are some examples:

    • @kevin_pyle7 changes from a green jacket to a hot-pink bodycon dress, pink boots, and a blonde wig.
    • @clickatronn goes from a green long-sleeve shirt and black Nike shorts to a brown crop top and high-waisted denim shorts.
    • @whistlin_gasoline goes from being a car fan to wearing a pink crop top and driving a pink Mustang.
    • @catinatorgg turns into a Barbie with a pink dress and a blonde bob.

Some users have added their own twists to the trend, like @ceekayye, who turns into atomic bomb scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer.


The Barbie Shake TikTok trend involves drinking a cotton candy-flavored milkshake from Cold Stone Creamery and dressing up like the famous doll Barbie. Users post videos under the hashtag #BarbieShake, which has been seen over 6 million times on TikTok.

The trend showcases creativity and love for Barbie, as well as the excitement surrounding the upcoming Barbie movie. The trend is a fun and funny way for users to showcase their creativity and excitement for the upcoming movie.

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