What is Latte Makeup and Why is it Taking Over TikTok?

Latte Makeup TikTok Trend: The latte makeup look is a new makeup style that has taken over Tiktok. It has already been seen 29.8 million times and is still growing. The term #lattemakeup is getting a lot of attention and has become the latest beauty trend on TikTok. It is also becoming popular on Instagram.

Rachel Rigler made the latte makeup popular on TikTok. It was based on the “bronzed goddess” looks by Tanielle Jai, a makeup artist from Australia.

The popular TikTok style is to use the right amount of bronze and brown shades to get a warm, golden-hour-like look. Rigler says that the makeup is made up of neutral tones that are “bronzy and warm, milky and effortless.”

There is no blush or color in the latte look. It’s just bronzer, a few warm, neutral caramel tones, dark brown eyes, and a natural lip. The best thing about this popular makeup trend is that it looks good on almost every skin tone, which makes it stand out from other makeup trends.

How Can You Get the Right Latte Makeup Look?

Well, that milky-bronze look is very easy to get with all-natural shades of brown.

To create the latte makeup look:

Start with a tinted lotion, then add a bronzer with a yellow tone. Spread the lotion all over your face, and put the bronzer on your cheeks.

Now, for your eyes, use light brown colors on the outside of your lids and a gold or caramel color on the inside. Use dark brown makeup on your lower lids to make them look smudged, and don’t forget to put one coat of mascara on your lashes.

Latte Makeup TikTok Trend

Use a concealer on your T-zone and under your eyes. Make sure to choose a shade that isn’t too dark or too light for your skin tone. Mix it well, and then add a fine powder. Next, put on a bronzer that isn’t creamy where you didn’t use makeup. Don’t use color of any kind.

Now, line your lips with a brown or beige lip liner and fill them in with caramel-colored lipstick, or just use gloss or lip oil for a simple look. You can also use a shimmer highlighter on your cheeks to give them a little extra glow.

The key here is to choose the right type of brown with an undertone of yellow that perfectly suits your skin tone. Once you have the right kinds of browns, it won’t take long to get that one-color look.

The latte makeup look is all about getting a natural “sun-kissed” look while keeping the focus on dark eyes and makeup that has no color at all.

For those looking to experiment with the latte makeup look digitally or enhance their photos with similar effects, the Facetune editor offers a variety of filters and editing tools designed to help you achieve the perfect milky-bronze appearance. Whether you’re aiming to perfect your selfies or just want to see how the latte makeup trend suits you, Facetune provides an easy and accessible way to explore this popular makeup style.

Is Latte Makeup Good for All Skin Types?

Yes, this trend works for all skin types and makes you look elegant and natural. But if you have sensitive skin, you need to be careful about the items you use. This is especially important if your skin is very dry, prone to acne, or breaks out quickly after you put on makeup.

Latte Makeup TikTok Trend

So, be careful when trying this viral trend, and be sure to use makeup products that are good for your skin type.

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The latte makeup look, popular on TikTok and Instagram, is based on Tanielle Jai’s “bronzed goddess” looks. It involves using bronzer, caramel tones, dark brown eyes, and a natural lip.

The trend is suitable for all skin types, but sensitive skin should be cautious when using products. To achieve the milky-bronze look, start with tinted lotion, bronzer, and natural brown shades.

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