Girl Dinner: The TikTok Trend That’s Delicious, Easy and Controversial

Girl Dinner TikTok Trend: If you want a quick and easy meal that doesn’t require cooking or cleaning, you might want to try the latest TikTok trend: girl dinner. Olivia Maher, a TikTok user, came up with the term “girl dinner” when she shared a video of her dinner, which included bread, cheese, wine, grapes, and pickles.

She called it “girl dinner” or “medieval peasant dinner,” and since then, millions of TikTok users have shared their own versions of “girl dinner.”

But what exactly is a girl’s dinner, and why is it so popular? And why does it also make people angry? In this piece, we’ll talk about where the girl dinner TikTok trend came from, what it looks like, and what people think about it.

What is Girl Dinner TikTok Trend?

The Girl Dinner TikTok trend is a popular phenomenon in which people, especially women, eat a meal made up of snacks and finger foods like bread, cheese, fruit, pickles, olives, salami, and wine.

The idea behind the trend is to eat like a medieval peasant or a mouse in a tale, or just to eat your favorite foods without having to cook or clean.

How Did the Girl Dinner Trend All Begin?

Olivia Maher shared a video of her dinner on TikTok in May 2023. She called it “girl dinner” or “medieval peasant dinner.” This was the start of the trend.

Girl Dinner TikTok Trend

She said that she saw another TikTok user say that bread and cheese was her favorite meal, even though this was thought to be a bad diet in the Middle Ages. Maher’s movie has been watched more than 1.2 million times and has hundreds of comments.

How About a Few Examples?

As of July 8, 2023, the phrase #girldinner has been seen more than 24 million times on TikTok. People share their versions of girl dinner on some of the most popular videos.

Girl dinner usually includes bread, cheese, fruit, pickles, olives, salami, and wine. Some of the videos also use a catchy song that goes “Crackers, jam, and cheese, what else do you need?” Here are some examples:

  • @avocadale shows off her “die-hard snacker” dinner of strawberries, bread chips, guacamole, salami slices, and pickles.
  • @alanalavv shows several plates of girl food with different things on them, like prosciutto, cheese, peach slices, mini tomatoes, and olives. She also serves a glass of rosé with one of her dishes.
  • @crumbleberrypie posts pictures of different girl dinners with comments like “Cheeseboard, but make it lazy” and “I’m not even sorry.”

Why is Girl Dinner Trend So Well-known?

People like the trend because it’s fun, easy, and gratifying. It shows how different and creative TikTok users are, as well as how much they like to snack and treat themselves.

Girl Dinner TikTok Trend

It also makes you think of stories and fairy tales from your childhood, where the characters often ate simple but tasty food. Some users also like it because they can eat whatever they want without thinking about calories or what other people think.


Why is Girl Dinner Trend So Controversial?

Some people don’t like the trend because they think the food amounts at girl dinners are too small or unhealthy. Some social media users are worried that this trend could make people eat less or in an unhealthy way, especially young women who are affected by social media.

Some people have also said that the trend is sexist or only for the rich.


The Girl Dinner TikTok trend, created by Olivia Maher, involves eating a quick and easy meal consisting of snacks and finger foods like bread, cheese, fruit, pickles, olives, salami, and wine. The idea is to eat like a medieval peasant or a mouse in a tale without cooking or cleaning.

The trend has been seen over 24 million times on TikTok, with popular videos featuring various ingredients and a catchy song. Some users find it fun, easy, and gratifying, while others find it unhealthy and sexist.

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