Pluto Anime Release Date: Who Are the Cast Members of Pluto?

Pluto Anime Release Date: The highly anticipated anime adaptation of the iconic manga series “Pluto” by Naoki Urasawa has been anxiously awaited by lovers of both anime and manga series. Pluto has the makings of a wonderful contribution to the world of anime thanks to Urasawa’s skill as a storyteller, as well as the engaging plot, multifaceted characters, and other aspects of the show.

In this post, we will discuss the cast of the Pluto anime, as well as its debut date, trailer, plot, and rating, and provide an in-depth summary of what viewers may anticipate from the Pluto anime.

Pluto Anime Release Date

However, it has been established that the Astro Boy spinoff will air later this year in 2023, even if Netflix has not made any official announcements regarding a release date for Pluto. Netflix will soon have all of the episodes of the show Pluto available to stream online.

Pluto Anime

What is Pluto About?

Tezuka’s 1964 Astro Boy episode “The Greatest Robot on Earth” inspired Urasawa and Nagasaki’s Pluto. Big Comic Original serialized the manga from September 2003 to April 2009.

Pluto, a science fiction film, shows humanity and sentient machines living peacefully after years of war. PTSD and war’s morality are significant storylines.

German robot detective and Europol veteran Gesicht is investigating global robot-human murders. The killer’s signature is two horn-like protrusions from the victim’s head.

If Gesicht is right and the killer is a robot, this is the first US robot murder in eight years. The assassin targeted Gesicht and six of the seven best robots in history.

Included are supporters of the International Robot Laws that give robots legal status. The face must find these murderers quickly before the window closes.

Will Pluto Have a Second Season?

Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto manga lasted from September 2003 to April 2009 and was serialized in Shogakukan’s Seinen manga magazine Big Comic Original.

It is broken down into 65 acts, each of which is packed with exciting content and may be rather lengthy at times. Due to the vast nature of the plot, it would be impossible to fit all 65 acts into one season.

As a result, it is extremely possible that the anime version of Pluto that will be produced by Netflix will span numerous seasons; nevertheless, the continuance of the series is contingent on how well the first season does.

Who Are the Cast Members of Pluto?

The voice of Gesicht is provided by Shinshuu Fuji. Fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are likely familiar with his work because he provides the voice of the antagonist Risotto Nero in the series.

Those who have seen Seven Deadly Sins will recognize him as the actor who voices Chandler. Youko Hikasa is responsible for providing the voice of Atom.

Pluto Anime

The roles of Rias Gremory in the anime series Highschool DxD and Mio Akiyama in the K-On!! franchise are the ones that have brought Hikasa the lion’s share of her fame.

Uran is portrayed and voiced by Minori Suzuki. In the anime series Macross, she also provides the voice of Freyja Wion. To this point, the identities of no other cast members have been disclosed.

Does Pluto Have a Trailer?

Unfortunately, no. Pluto’s full-length trailer is not yet available. However, Netflix has released a peek at the upcoming anime series.

The show’s high-definition art style and several of the main characters are shown in this preview. We see Gesicht, a Europol humanoid robot inspector searching for a rogue robot.

He finds a silo with a veiled robot made of insect-shaped nano-robots. The hunt continues after Gesicht’s swordsmanship defeats the hooded robot.

Pluto, the show’s major antagonist, and namesake, greets us when we emerge from the cave. Pluto is a massive horned beast. At the end of the teaser, we see Astro Boy (or Atom) and his robot sister, Uran.

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The anticipation for the Pluto anime adaptation continues to grow as fans eagerly await its release. The combination of Naoki Urasawa’s brilliant storytelling and the potential for stunning visuals and performances by the voice cast creates a recipe for success.

With its intricate plot, morally complex characters, and exploration of deep philosophical questions, Pluto is poised to captivate both existing fans and newcomers to the series.

As the release date approaches, the anime community eagerly looks forward to witnessing the rise of Pluto as a standout entry in the world of anime.

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