Jwan Yosef Goes Shirtless in Ricky Martin’s Latest Instagram Post

Jwan Yosef Shirtless: Everyone knows that Ricky Martin loves his partner, the artist Jwan Yosef.

The Grammy-winning singer posts pictures of his husband on social media every chance he gets. Today was no different. He shared a selfie of the two of them hanging out around the house, with Yosef casually not wearing a shirt.

Martin wrote in the photo’s text, “Siempre contigo y siempre riendonos ya omri,” which means “always with you and always laughing.”

If you follow both Martin and Yosef on Instagram, you probably already know that this is a very true statement, since the two husbands and fathers can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Jwan Yosef Shirtless
Source: Instagram

Last month, Yosef showed off Martin to his own followers on Instagram by posting a cute selfie of the two of them cuddling together and writing “Truth prevails” as the description.

Shortly before Yosef’s July Instagram post, he and Martin were going through a rough time. Martin’s 21-year-old nephew had filed a protection order against the singer, saying that they had a sexual relationship and that after they broke up, Martin continued to bother him. The unknown nephew ended up dropping the charges, and since then, the two have been living a pretty normal life.

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“Just as we had thought, the Court did not extend the temporary protection order,” Martin’s lawyer said at the time in a statement. “The accuser told the court that he made the decision to drop the case on his own, without any outside pressure or influence. He also said he was happy with how his lawyer handled the case.”

Jwan Yosef Shirtless
“The accuser asked for the case to be thrown out,” the statement said next. “This was never more than an unhappy person making false accusations with no evidence to back them up. We are glad that justice was done for our client and that he can now move on with his life and work.”

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