Messiah Season 2: Why Netflix Canceled the Controversial Show

Messiah Season 2 Renewed: Despite Netflix’s best efforts to keep the ball going on its numerous shows, the most recent addition, Messiah, has been met with some pushback. Many viewers are currently preoccupied with the question of when Season 2 of Messiah will be available online.

However, we must deliver some bad news to them. The show got off to a good start, with a novel idea that may significantly alter the course of the characters’ lives. Nonetheless, Netflix has something different planned for Messiah Season 2. Those curious about learning more should read on.

Michael Petroni’s riveting series Messiah follows one man and the contemporary world’s reaction to him. The man had previously been thought to have made his debut in the Middle East, and he has now returned to the present day. Thus, his devotees identify him as the Messiah Isa.

Growing numbers of people are following him despite their skepticism of his abrupt presence and miraculous current feats. That’s what prompted the CIA agent to start looking into it.

Messiah Season 2: Renewed or Canceled

Variety has reported that Netflix has ended the show “Messiah” after just one season.

Wil Traval, who was in the show, wrote on Instagram, “It’s a very sad day today. Netflix just told me that there won’t be a second season of #Messiah. I wanted to thank all the people for their love and support. I wish things weren’t the way they are.”

Messiah Season 2 Renewed

A person who knows about the situation said that Netflix didn’t feel comfortable making a show that needed so many foreign locations right now, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Producers Planned For Two More Seasons

Creator Michael spoke with Collider and discussed the future of the show. Michael had claimed to have a bright idea prior to Netflix’s verdict. He felt confident that the show would last at least two seasons and had a clear vision for its eventual trajectory. Michael Petroni

said, “It’s a huge undertaking to make this season,” and realized during post-production that the first season was only the beginning of the tale and that they would have to make at least one more. The major streaming service, however, nonetheless decided to discontinue the show despite this.

The Real Reason Behind the Cancelation of Messiah Season 2

It caused controversy

Tragically, the show’s title, Al-Masih, has been the source of some criticism. Mehdi Dehbi portrayed Al-Masih ad-Dajjal on the show. As in, a liar who claims to be the Messiah but is actually the Antichrist. The central question of the show, however, was whether or not this man was the Messiah.

The show’s location was another point of contention. Many people in Jerusalem were offended that the filming took place on the holy ground of Temple Mout. Consequently, the Royal Film Commission of Jordan issued an order prohibiting Netflix streaming within the kingdom because it “may be perceived as trespassing on the sanctity of religion.”

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Due to the COVID-19 Epidemic, the Performance Was A Huge Failure

For one thing, the production company had doubts about the show’s continued success and the viability of doing additional seasons.

Messiah Season 2 Renewed

The film’s international cast and locations accurately reflected the global community at the time. Therefore, it was unusual for them to carry on in this manner during a pandemic. Netflix has not, however, issued a word on the matter.

A Petition Was Signed To Cancel The Series

In addition, many people submitted a petition on claiming the series promotes bad ideas about Islam. Only 5,700 people have signed the petition so far. However, that did not deter Netflix from greenlighting season two.

The streaming service itself has stated that Messiah is a work of fiction and in no way intended to offend anyone’s religious sensibilities. This, however, did not prevent the audience from complaining about the show. However, Netflix did not extend the show for additional seasons despite its protection.

Is There Any Chance of Messiah Season 2?

The first season of Messiah premiered on Netflix on January 7, 2020. There are ten episodes totaling between 38 and 55 minutes in length. Like other Netflix originals, this series will have its premiere of all episodes simultaneously. The show has a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb, indicating that it is enjoyable to watch on the whole.

Despite encouraging ratings, the show’s producers have opted to end production. Here we see the official word that it has been called off. You read that correctly; yes, it’s true. The producers have already decided not to air season 2 of Messiah, so we won’t be seeing it anytime soon.

We don’t know the real cause for the cancellation just yet. However, numerous reports suggest that the reviews and very low ratings may be to blame (not as much as the creators would have expected).



The first season of Messiah was released on December 31st. Netflix pulled the plug on the show two months later. Wil Traval, who plays Will Mathers, made the announcement on his Instagram. Creator Michael Petroni felt the show would last at least two seasons. Netflix canceled Messiah Season 2 because the production team realized they needed to make at least one more season.

The show’s title, Al-Masih, has been the source of some criticism. Many people in Jerusalem were offended that filming took place on the holy ground of Temple Mout. The first season of Messiah premiered on Netflix on January 7, 2020.

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