Kristen Hayes Husband: When Did Kristen Hayes Get Married? 

Kristen Hayes husband: In the celebrity-obsessed world of today, people are always interested in how their favorite stars spend their free time.

Kristen Hayes, a talented actress known for her amazing performances and captivating screen personality, has been in the news a lot lately.

Fans are just as interested in her personal life as they are in what she has done professionally. In this piece, we take a look at Kristen Hayes’s dating history, which is full of interesting facts about her love life and the people who have won her heart.

Who is Kristen Hayes?

Kristen Hayes is smart and successful, and she has made a big difference in her area. Kristen has made a name for herself as a leader in the world of technology and innovation thanks to her knowledge and drive.

She has a varied background in computer science and engineering, and she has always shown a deep understanding of complex systems and an amazing ability to come up with creative answers to hard problems.

Throughout her career, Kristen has worked in important roles at a number of well-known companies, where she has been a key part of driving technological progress.

Kristen Hayes husband

Her unwavering dedication to greatness and her ability to work in industries that change quickly has earned her a lot of respect from her peers. Kristen’s ability to lead and her strategic vision has helped her organizations launch groundbreaking projects that have taken them to new levels of success.

Is Kristen Hayes Married?

Yes, she is married to Jimmy Hayes, a former NHL (National Hockey League) professional ice hockey player. He was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, on November 21, 1989. Jimmy played for teams like the Boston Bruins, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Florida Panthers over the course of his career.

He started playing for money in 2010, and he did so until 2018. Jimmy was known for being big and rough, so he was often used as a “power forward.” He was a flexible player who could help in both the offense and defense of the game.

Jimmy played in 289 NHL games and scored 39 goals and had 48 assists, giving him a total of 87 points. Jimmy and Kristen Hayes met through a friend they both had, and they fell in love quickly. The pair got married on July 27, 2018, after dating for a while. On August 22, 2019, one year after they got married, they had a baby boy.

Who Is Kristen Hayes Husband Jimmy Hayes?

James Ryan Hayes was an American professional right winger who played ice hockey from 1989 to 2021. He was picked by the Toronto Maple Leafs at number 60 in the second round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

He went on to play in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins, and New Jersey Devils. Kevin Hayes, his younger brother, is also a pro ice hockey player.

Hayes was on the U.S. National U-17 Team that went to Russia in 2005 to play in the Four Nations Tournament. In 2006, he was chosen for the U.S. U-17 Select Team and played in the U-18 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament in the Czech Republic. The Ohio Junior Blue Jackets also picked him first overall in the 2006 USHL Futures Draft.

Does Kristen Hayes Have Kids?

Kristen Hayes was born in Needham, Massachusetts, on November 11, 1989. Her parents, Thomas Valente, a real estate agent at J.W. Higgins Realty, and Kelly Valente, a Stonehill College graduate, raised her. She has two brothers: Casey Valente is a manager and account executive at Tech Target, and Brian Valente is a sales manager at ObserveIT.

Kristen was married to Jimmy Hayes, and they had two sons: Beau Thomas Hayes, born on August 22, 2019, and Mac Kelly Hayes, born on May 5, 2021. She grew up with her parents and siblings in a loving home.

When Did Kristen Hayes Get Married?

Kristen and Jimmy met at Legal Harborside through a friend they both had, and they hit it off right away. After their first meeting, they started going out together. Jimmy asked Kristen to marry him by the water, and she said yes.

Kristen Hayes husband

The wedding took place at Holy Trinity Church on July 27, 2018, and the dinner was held at Wychmere Beach Club. On August 22, 2019, one year after they got married, they had their first boy, Beau Thomas Hayes.

Jimmy Hayes, Kristen’s late husband, played pro ice hockey as a right winger. In 2011, he started playing for the Chicago Blackhawks and later played for the Florida Panthers, the Boston Bruins, and the New Jersey Devils.

In 2018, he made a deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins to play for them for one year. Even though Kristen’s projected net worth is in the thousands, her late husband was worth $5 million.

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Kristen Hayes Family

Due to the fact that they do not make many public appearances together, it is generally accepted that Kristen Hayes’ spouse is an understanding and reserved person.

The couple’s commitment to leading a low-key lifestyle has carried over into their parenting and has helped them keep a low profile.

Due to the fact that the actress has been successful in keeping certain areas of her life a secret, it is unknown if they already have children or if they have plans to have a family in the near future. Because they made this conscious decision, the pair is able to give privacy a higher priority and protect their loved ones from the heavy scrutiny of the media.


In a world that is obsessed with famous news and rumors, the fact that Kristen Hayes’ husband is mysterious has only made people more interested.

Even though we don’t know much about who he is or what he does, we do know that he and she have a strong relationship based on shared hobbies and mutual support.

Kristen Hayes’s decision to put privacy first shows that she wants to keep her personal life as normal as possible. As her fans and admirers, we should accept her wishes and celebrate her success as an actress. We should also let her enjoy the love and happiness she has found with her mysterious partner.

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