R.I.P. Casino Jizzle: Memphis Rapper Killed in Shooting at 27

Casino Jizzle Cause of Death: Memphis, Tennessee is saddened by the death of Casino Jizzle, who was a rising hip-hop star in the area. Fans and people who like music were very sad to hear about his death. Find out more about his death by reading on.

Who Was Casino Jizzle?

Casino Jizzle, whose real name was Tunstall, was a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. The casino was well-known and liked when he first showed up on the streets of Memphis. When he decided to make singing his job, he became more well-known.

Songs like “City Girls,” “4x4Real,” and “We Da Opps” helped him become known as an important singer, and he quickly built up a loyal, cult-like following. His group has become one of the most important in the Mid-South. His witty lyrics and lively stage personality are well-known.

Casino Jizzle cause of death

Casino Jizzle was one of the most streamed independent acts from Memphis. His songs were played about 10 million times on Apple Music alone, and his music videos were watched more than 46 million times.

In all, he got almost 56 million streams. His most recent song, “WALKING,” which came out on the Connect Music label, is another example of how easy it is for Casino Jizzle to use energy and humor. The original video for “Walking” was made by a company called Acrazy Productions.

Casino Jizzle Cause of Death

Casino died in gun violence. At the time of his death, he was only 27 years old. Up until this point, no one knew what happened to him or why he died.

We hear that the up-and-coming musician was shot in Memphis, where he grew up, and the investigation is still going on. At this point, we don’t know anything else about the killing.

Amber Stacko posted on social media that she was saddened by his death.

You left me, just like that huh?? Casino Jizzle Sino Me & the girls love you & gone miss you. I can’t believe Ts Jizzle .can’t even put it behind yo name

Did Casino Jizzle Have a Previous Shootout?

On July 5, 2023, there was a violent shooting in Memphis, and it was said that Casino was killed. This is not the first time the rapper has been connected with guns. Jizzle, the gangster rapper, was already involved in the shooting that happened in December 2019 in front of a Chuck E. Cheese in Cordova.

Casino Jizzle cause of death
Source: Twitter

Then, the police said that a woman and her boyfriend were exchanging tickets at the North Germantown Parkway Chuck E. Cheese when he told her he was going to his car. He came back soon after, but he had been shot.

Investigators say that a gun and a spent bullet case were found outside. Robert Tunstall, also known as Casino, has been a part of violent acts in the past.

In 2014, he pleaded guilty to criminal theft and robbery, and Memphis Police say that a drive-by shooting happened in the Hickory Hill neighborhood where he lived earlier this year. Even though Tunstall hasn’t been signed yet, her manager, Angie Strange, said that big record labels are interested in her.

“I know he’s a gangster rapper, but he’s used his music to change his life,” said his boss. “Big record labels are interested in him, and he’s done well locally. She said at the time, “He’s worked hard to become a good person, and we’re very proud of his growth as an artist and as a man.”

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Casino Jizzle Passing Has Prompted Many Condolences

When Internet users heard the news, they were shocked. Many people couldn’t believe that the hobby artist had died so young. Fans told the singer’s family and loved ones how sorry they were. They then talked about his old songs.


Memphis, Tennessee, has lost the 27-year-old rapper Casino Jizzle, also known as Tunstall. He was a rising hip-hop star with a loyal following and a cult-like following. Casino Jizzle’s songs and music videos were played 10 million times on Apple Music and 46 million times on YouTube.

He died in gun violence at the age of 27. The investigation is ongoing, and his death has sparked condolences from fans and music fans.

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