Hande Erçel Net Worth: A Journey of Riches Reflected in Her Net Worth!

Hande Erçel Net Worth: Hande Ercel is a Turkish actress and model who has won the affection of millions of people all over the world. Her name has been creating waves in the entertainment sector, and she has become a household name.

Hande Ercel is well-known for her amazing appearance, great acting talents, and charming personality. In a relatively short amount of time, she has rapidly climbed the ladder of success.

Quick Overview

Attribute Details
Full Name Hande Ercel
Date of Birth November 24, 1993
Nationality Turkish
Profession Actor, Model
Known For Acting in TV series like “Aşk Laftan Anlamaz”
Net Worth Estimated at $8 Million (as of 2023)
Height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Social Media Handles Instagram: @handemiyy

Hande Erçel Early Life

Hande Ercel was born on November 24, 1993, in Bandrma, Balkesir, Turkey, to a Muslim family. She turned 29 this year. On social media, Hande is known by her nickname Hayat or Hande.

She went to a private school for her education, and Hande got her degree from the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hande Erçel Net Worth

Hande Ercel didn’t say the name of her wealthy father, but she did say that her mother’s name is Aylin Ercel. Gamze Ercel, Hande’s older sister, is also a model and TV actor.

She was raised by her grandfather and grandmother. When it comes to Hande Ercel’s boyfriend, he is the Turkish actress and singer Kerem Bürsin.

Hande Erçel Career

Hande Ercel began her work as a model in 2011. She has been in a number of commercials and has become well-known in the industry. She won the title of Miss Turkey in 2012. Later, in 2013, Hande Ercel acted in her first TV show, called “Calikusu.”

Hande Ercel’s career took a big turn in 2016 when she played Hayat Uzun on Star TV’s “Aşk Laftan Anlamaz” (Love Doesn’t Understand Words), which starred Burak Deniz.

Because of this show, she became so well-known in Turkey and all over the world. Hayat, one of her characters, became one of the most loved in the world.

Later, she had parts in a number of TV shows, such as “Müjde in Halka” on TRT 1, “Azize,” and “Sen al Kapm.” Hande Ercel is one of the best up-and-coming stars in the TV business.

Top Beauty, World Magazine, based in the United States, chose Hande as the most beautiful woman of 2019. She also wants to work with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling in Hollywood.

Hande Erçel Personal Life

Hande Ercel is a skilled actress and model from Turkey. She has not only gotten fans’ attention with her work on screen, but she has also given them a look into her personal life.

Hande keeps some parts of her life private, but she has talked about some of them over the years. She was born on November 24, 1993, in Bandirma, Turkey.

She has been open about her close-knit family and has often told them how much she loves and appreciates them. Hande has a close relationship with her parents, and they have been a big part of her life.

Hande has been linked to a number of famous people in the past, but she likes to keep her personal relationships private.

Hande Erçel Net Worth

But she is in a relationship with Turkish star Kerem Bürsin, and their chemistry on and off-screen has drawn a lot of attention.

Hande Ercel continues to captivate fans all over the world with her grace, elegance, and a little bit of mystery. Her fans want to know more about her personal life, but they accept her wish for privacy.

Brand Endorsements and Ventures

Hande Ercel’s growing success and rising fame have led to endorsement deals with many well-known brands. She is now the face of many fashion ads, cosmetics, and other goods for everyday life.

Hande has used her huge social media following to start her own business. She has her own clothesline and works with other fashion brands. These things have no doubt added to her constantly growing net worth.

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Hande Erçel Net Worth

Name Hande Ercel
Net Worth 2023 $8 Million
Monthly Income $40,000
Yearly Income $500,000
Profession Actor, Model


Hande Ercel has established herself as a formidable competitor in the field of entertainment thanks to her many accomplishments.

Hande has won the hearts of audiences all over the world, beginning with her more humble beginnings as a model and continuing on to her rapid climb as a sought-after actor.

As she broadens her influence and engages in a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits, her personal wealth is continuously on the rise.

Hande Ercel is unquestionably well positioned to achieve even greater levels of success in the years to come thanks to her outstanding skill, magnetic personality, and enterprising attitude.

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