Canon Event TikTok Trend: What It Is and Why It’s So Popular?

Canon Event TikTok Trend: It’s possible that while browsing TikTok, you got caught on a page with a bunch of videos about the same canon event. You’ll be left wondering, “What is a canon event?” whether it’s jokes or filters.

The trend started after the movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which was a very famous animated movie, came out. A key part of the movie got a lot of attention on TikTok just a few hours after it opened. Soon after, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of TikTok users, made a movie about their own canon event. But what is it really?

What is a Canon Event?

We’ve got you covered if you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse yet. Canon events are a big part of the story and the way the Spider-Verse works. In the movie Spider-Man 2099, also called Miguel O’Hara says that standard events are the things that all Spider-Men have in common and make them Spider-Men.

These include getting bitten by a nuclear spider, losing a parent figure, and the death of a police captain who was close to Spider-Man. Not every Spider-Man goes through the same canon events, but these events are still important to who Spider-Man is. If a canon event is changed or stopped, it could cause the Spider-Verse to fall apart.

How Did This Become a Trend on TikTok?

When the movie came out, “canon events” became the new way to explain your life. In one of the earlier examples posted on June 1, @greekos_nikos says, “Realizing it was never a trauma, just a canon event.” It has been watched more than 3.8 million times and liked more than 643,800 times.

canon event tiktok trend

Since then, the trend has become a normal way to do things. Each video describes a situation, either from the poster’s own life or someone else’s, says they can’t or no one can help, and ends with something like “This is a canon event.” At this point, the trend has spread beyond Spider-Verse fans and is showing up in a lot of different TikTok niches, such as eldest daughter TikTok and transmasc TikTok.

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How to Use Your Canon’s Event TikTok Filter?

Want to know if TikTok knows you well enough to know about your canon event? Here’s how to use the “Your Canon Event” TikTok filter so you can join in on the fun and see if it fits your life.

  • Open up TikTok on your mobile device
  • Click on search
  • Search “Your Canon Event” in the search box
  • Tap on a video of someone using the filter.
  • Tap “Canon Event” next to their name
  • Tap the bottom “Use this effect” button.
  • Tap on record and then on the screen to watch your canon event!


The Canon Event TikTok trend began after the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, with thousands of users creating videos about their own canon events. These events are crucial to the story and the spider-verse’s functioning.

The trend has spread beyond Spider-Verse fans and has been seen in various TikTok niches, including eldest daughter and transmasc. To use the “Your Canon Event” TikTok filter, simply search for the event, tap on the video, and watch the event on screen.

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