Morgan Wallen’s Wyoming City Tiktok Trend Goes Viral, and It’s All True

Morgan Wallen tik tok trend: Most of the time, TikTok trends and tasks are fun (when they are not dangerous). One of them is about a song by the country artist Morgan Wallen, and all it took to make it go viral was to name a certain city in Wyoming. I think that almost everyone in Wyoming agreed with it, which is why it became so famous.

One of the lines in the Morgan Wallen song “More Than My Hometown” says, “Because I can’t love you more than my hometown.” So, does your partner love you more than where they grew up? It’s even better when you put a specific place into that context. This TikTok user did just that with a city in Wyoming that doesn’t have the best image…

The city of Rock Springs in Wyoming has been pointed out. When people from Wyoming talk about Rock Springs, it seems like the city gets a bad rap. It probably doesn’t help that it’s been known as the most dangerous place in the whole state for the past few years.

Morgan Wallen tik tok trend

Google doesn’t help Rock Springs’ image either. Type, “Why don’t people like Rock Springs, WY?” There are a few hits with some not-so-great answers that you might not see for towns with better reputations. Here’s a good example.

You may also have seen in the comments for the TikTok video that, in addition to Rock Springs, a few other Wyoming towns were also suggested as places that could have fit. Riverton, Rawlins, Evanston, Gillette, Wheatland, or “Anywhere in Wyoming” were some of the other towns that were often mentioned in the comments.

All of this is a joke, of course. Morgan Wallen had to have a hit song that compared love for a significant other to love for his hometown, and now, thanks to the Internet, every couple must question this because it’s the unwritten rule of every social media post ever. Stay bright, Rock Springs!

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