Best Dystopian Movies and TV Series to Watch on Netflix

Dystopian movies and TV series never fail to capture the imagination of audiences, taking us to a different world where everything we know has fallen apart. The fascinating thing about this genre is that it entertains us while encouraging us to reflect on the present and the future of our current society. We don’t know what the future really holds for us — will it be an alien invasion, or will artificial intelligence (AI) take over?

Regardless of what our future will be, here are some of the best dystopian movies and TV series you need to watch on Netflix.

The Platform

The Platform is a Spanish sci-fi movie that was well-received by many viewers worldwide. It’s about a vertical prison where inmates share their food from a single platform that descends through the levels. The film successfully highlighted the themes of capitalism, social inequality, and human nature.

There are some scenes that can be uncomfortable for some viewers, but those scenes are still some of the best highlights of the entire film. Aside from Netflix, you can also watch this movie on Go Latino TV and other Spanish channels due to its popularity.

Minority Report

Set in the year 2054, Minority Report’s story circles around the chief of the special police unit, John Anderton, who uses precognition to arrest and prosecute murderers before they commit their crimes. While this is a great way of ensuring the safety and security of the community, John faces a dilemma when he himself is accused of a future murder.

He goes on the run to clear his name and discover a lot of things about the ethics of predictive policing and the limits of free will. This movie is definitely one of the must-watch dystopian movies on Netflix.

The Barrier

The Barrier takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly virus has forced people to leave in isolation from one another. The story revolves around a simple family trying to reunite after being separated by the deadly virus. The challenge comes from extreme government control, which heavily restricts personal freedom.

The 100

This series is about 100 young adults living in a space ark who were sent down to a destroyed Earth to figure out what’s left of human society. The reason behind it is that the resources on the space ark are limited, and the leaders of the society believe that the Earth has become habitable once again after a devastating nuclear apocalypse. The group soon discovers that they are not alone on Earth and must navigate the dangerous terrain and other factions of humans who have survived in order to establish a new civilization.


Happiness is one of the best South Korean drama series out there. The story circles around the residents of a high-rise apartment that must survive a deadly virus outbreak that kills anyone who contracts it within 24 hours. As everyone fights for survival, they are forced to face their fears, confront their secrets, and uncover the mysteries within the building.


Zombieland is a horror-comedy movie set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. The story is focused on a group of survivors, including a college student named Columbus and a hardened zombie killer named Tallahassee, as they travel across the United States in search of safety and a place to call home.

Along the way, they encounter other survivors and develop a bond that helps them navigate the dangers of the new world they find themselves. The movie is starred by Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, and Amber Heard.

Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers is a South Korean movie set in 2092 when Earth became uninhabitable, and humanity has movies to live in various space colonies. The film’s story is about a group of misfits inside a space junk collector ship. They found a mysterious little girl that led them to be chased by the military and a notorious terrorist.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best dystopian movies and TV series that you can watch on Netflix right now. Of course, Netflix will continue to offer many more in the coming months, along with other genres. So, make sure to keep your subscription active so you don’t miss anything. Enjoy!

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