Planners Season 2 Release Date Unveiled: Here’s What We Can Expect from the Hit Rom-Com!

Star+ isn’t necessarily the most well-known streaming service, but it does have some hidden gems. In May of 2023, Planners was one of the most popular shows on Star+. It debuted just recently, yet it has already caused quite a stir. Follow along as Malena Carregal (Celeste Cid) navigates the challenges of acrimonious divorce, job loss, and motherhood.

Planners, directed by Daniel Barone, uses the beautiful city of Buenos Aires as a backdrop. It’s not your normal show about women who start their own businesses, but it has a lot to offer, especially for anyone interested in learning more about the challenges and triumphs of being a single mother and a company owner.

Do you want to learn more about Season 2 renewal for Planners? You shouldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Planners Season 2 Release Date

Planners Season 1 was going on while the world was on lockdown. Barone, who is making his directorial debut with this Star+ series, was focused on 2021 because that was the year he hoped to realize his idea.

However, the epidemic put a stop to his lofty plan. Season 2 of Planners premiered on Star+ on May 5, 2023, after years of production. There were many shifts in the series’ evolution, from cast members to filming locations and beyond.

Planners Season 2 Release Date

The original script by Mariana Wainstein, Pablo Rossi, Maria Zanetti, and Luz Marquez was revised several times before it was turned into a television show. Season 1, which consists of nine episodes clocking in at under an hour, launched on Star+ and is currently receiving widespread accolades for its innovative take on a tired plot device.

The creators of Planners have kept all information about Season 2 under wraps so far. There has been no official word on a sequel from Star+, Daniel Borne, or anybody else connected with the show.

The chance of a sequel cannot be discounted, as the show has acquired a dedicated fanbase and has not been deemed a miniseries. If the producers get the go-ahead shortly, Season 2 of Planners might premiere on Star+ in the fourth quarter of 2024 or the spring of 2025.

Who Will Be Appearing in Season 2 of Planners?

This romantic comedy takes place in the 1990s and is set in Argentina. Celeste Cid, a former member of Chiquititas, plays Malena Carregal. Malena is a natural at planning events, but she doesn’t see how far she can go until she’s on her own. Carregal is so determined to succeed that she refuses to waste any opportunity.

Actor/Actress Role As
Celeste Cid Malena Carregal
Gonzalo Valenzuela Marcos Gutierrez
Leticia Siciliani Cali (Malena’s best friend)

Model/actor Gonzalo Valenzuela portrays Malena’s abusive husband, Marcos Gutierrez. Marcos is a normal man with a big ego who can hold his own physically against Hulk. Leticia Siciliani dehumanizes Cali, Malena’s best friend. Season 2 of Planners is likely to include all of these actors and actresses.

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What Will Happen in the Second Season of “Planners?”

Malena Carregal (Celeste Cid) married Marcos Gutierrez (Gonzalo Valenzuela) without giving much thought to the possibility that their union would lead to the loss of her profession or their eventual divorce.

But eventually, Malena quits up trying to fix her failing marriage and files for divorce from Marcos. Since Malena is an event coordinator for Marcos’ company, she will also be laid off. Malena, down in the dumps after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, runs across an old friend named Cali.

Planners Season 2 Release Date

Cali has an impact on Malena, and she decides to start her own empire to rival Marcos’. She starts an event- Organizing business, but juggling her son’s adolescent antics is a nightmare. Malena must then navigate the complexities of her role as a parent and the pressures of her career. The process may appear simple at first glance, but upon further inspection, it turns out to be anything from glamorous.

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In Season 2 of “Planners,” we’ll follow the same blueprint. Maybe by the end of this romantic comedy, Malena will have found her way as an independent businesswoman and devoted mother.


Planners is a popular show on Star+, directed by Daniel Barone, that follows Malena Carregal (Celeste Cid) through the challenges of divorce, job loss, and motherhood. Season 2 is expected to premiere in 2024 or 2025.

Malena Carregal (Celeste Cid) is determined to succeed and files for divorce from Marcos Gutierrez (Gonzalo Valenzuela). Cali (Malena’s best friend) has an impact on Malena and she starts her own empire to rival Marcos’.

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