Jean-pierre Jabouille Dead: Renault’s First ‘F1’ Winner Jabouille Dies!

Jean-Pierre Jabouille Dead: The world of racing is sad about the death of Jean-Pierre Jabouille, a famous French race car driver who died at the age of 80. Tragically, one of the most famous racecar drivers in history has passed away, leaving behind a devoted fan base and a broken family.

It’s shocking to learn that the musician has passed away. Ex-F1 driver Jean-Pierre Jabouille won the championship for Renault in Formula 1. As a member of the racing fraternity, he played a pivotal role in Renault’s entry into Formula 1 racing in 1977; the French automaker was the first to field a car with a turbocharged engine.

Many celebrities and former racers have spoken out about the passing of Jean-Pierre Jabouille since the news broke online, paying tribute to the racing driver and expressing their deepest sympathies to his family.

A great man has left us,” French racer Esteban Ocon tweeted. Jean-Pierre Jabouille was a legendary French athlete who left an indelible impression on Formula One and Renault. Please don’t worry about us, champion, and rest in peace. “Legend” is how Esteban referred to Jean-Pierre Jabouille in the context of the racing industry.

Who is Jean-Pierre Jabouille?

France’s racing legend Jean-Pierre Alain Jabouille. He participated in the 55 Grands Prix in Formula One, and he won twice in the early years of Renault’s turbocharged project (the late 1970s and early 1980s).

From the late 1960s to the early 1990s, Jabouille competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Alpine, Matra, Sauber, and Peugeot, finishing in third place four times (1973, 1974, 1992, and 1993). Jabouille represented a dwindling population of multitalented Formula One driver; he was, after all, an engineer.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille Dead

Jean-Pierre Jabouille Dead

The death of Jabouille took place on February 2, 2023. PARIS: Jean-Pierre Jabouille, a French race car driver and engineer who won the Formula One championship for Renault in 1979, has passed away at the age of 80.

On Thursday, the Renault-owned Alpine team released a statement mourning the loss of the two-time race winner and paying respect to him as a pioneer for driving the inaugural Formula One race for a car with a turbocharged engine at Dijon-Prenois. With his “resilient and dare do” mentality, he ” led” Renault’s voyage into F1 in 1977, the team stated.

Many people were motivated by his drive and commitment to success; in fact, we owe much of our current success to Jean-Pierre. In his career, Jabouille made 49 appearances in Formula One, first racing for Tyrrell at the 1975 French Grand Prix at Le Castellet and later for Renault from 1977 until 1980.

Even though Jabouille won the race in his home country for the first time in 30 years, the duel between Rene Arnoux of Renault and Gilles Villeneuve of Ferrari for second place is what most people remember about that year’s event. While racing with Ligier in 1980, Jabouille suffered a broken leg in an incident in Canada and was forced to retire after only three races. The 1980 Oesterreichring victory was his second.

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Jean-Pierre Jabouille Career

In 1967, Jabouille earned a name for himself in French Formula Three. The following year, he continued to make waves, finishing second to François Cevert despite performing all of his own car maintenance. In 1969, Alpine hired him as a development driver, and he raced Formula Two and sports cars intermittently.

As a co-driver for Matra, he placed third at the 1973 and 1974 Le Mans 24 Hours. That same year, he won the Formula Two race at Hockenheim and placed second in the European 2-liter series for Alpine. He also made his F1 debut, driving a non-qualifying Iso-Marlboro at the French Grand Prix and an unqualified Surtees at the Austrian Grand Prix.


In 1975, Jabouille severed connections with Alpine and secured Elf’s funding to develop his own Formula Two chassis. At the French Grand Prix, he finished second to Jacques Laffite in a works Tyrrell and made his Grand Prix debut. He put his focus on Formula Two for the entire year of 1976 and ended up becoming champion.

Final Word

Jean-Pierre Jabouille won the Formula One championship for Renault in 1979. He also competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Alpine, Matra, Sauber, and Peugeot. French racer Esteban Ocon paid tribute to him on Twitter. Jean-Louis Jabouille made 49 appearances in Formula One, first racing for Tyrrell in 1975 and later for Renault. He won the 1980 Oesterreichring race in his home country for the first time in 30 years. In 1980, he suffered a broken leg and was forced to retire after only three races.

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