Shadrach Arloo Death Reason: Why Police Tried to Arrest ‘Young Shadrach’?

Shadrach Arloo Death Reason: The death of a young man has been widely reported on the internet recently. On Monday, he drew his last breath and was no longer surrounded by loved ones. In the time since the news broke online and spread over social media, it has prompted an outpouring of responses that has dominated the online discussion.

On Sunday, a police arrest at the West Hills Mall resulted in the death of a young man. Many individuals are eager to learn all the details of the news right now. This post will provide you with additional details regarding the latest developments.

The young guy has been named 32-year-old Shadrach Arloo, who was supposed to leave for Germany less than 24 hours before his untimely demise. Shadrach Arloo’s death has been confirmed by his sister, who told the local news that he had gone to town to stock up on supplies before his trip but got into an altercation with police that ultimately proved fatal. If you want to know more about recent events, you’ve found the proper place.

Shadrach Arloo’s Death Reason?

It has been stated that Perpetual Didier, a well-known gospel singer, was present at the mall event in which her brother was fatally beaten and tased by a police officer and a private security guard.

The victim’s sister, who helped him arrange his travel documents and plane ticket, reported that her brother had gone shopping at a local mall and bought a few items to bring with him to Germany for their older sibling. Everyone is in disbelief that he died so young, and the story has spread rapidly over the internet since it was first reported. In order to read further about the news, please scroll down the page.

So far as we are aware, the Sowutuom District Court remanded Boafo Osei Kwame, the store manager of Max Buy Ghana Limited, dealers of electrical appliances within the West Hills Mall, in connection with the murder of a 32-year-old man. Shadrach Arloo’s murder may have been orchestrated by the manager. The suspect is still in police custody while the investigation continues.


Why West Hills Mall Police Tried to Arrest Young Shadrach?

Parts of a claim made on Thursday, February 2, 2022, by one Bernard Boanor Denkyi, allegedly the Operations Manager at West Hills Mall, allege that on Monday, January 30, 2023, Shadrach and his buddy were present. The mall’s security guard began to accuse them of shoplifting almost immediately.

Shadrach was contacted by police officer Sergeant Daniel Abeiku, who asked to inspect a suitcase he was carrying. After the young man died, the police sergeant rushed him outside and placed him under arrest. According to the arresting officer, Shadrach fought back against his arrest and was difficult to take down.

According to the court documents, before Shadrach was arrested, he took something out of his back pocket, wrapped it in polythene, and ingested it. Although Boafo Osei Kwame’s attorneys claim the decision to remand him is punitive because it has not been shown that the tasing killed Shadrach, he will be back in court on February 16, 2023.

Final Words

On Sunday, a police arrest at the West Hills Mall resulted in the death of a young man. Shadrach Arloo’s death has been confirmed by his sister. Perpetual Didier, a well-known gospel singer, was present at the mall event.

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