What We Know About the Release Date of Bad Boy Season 3?

Bad Boys 4 Release Date: It may have seemed at one point that Bad Boys 4 would never be made, but now we know for sure that it will be. More than 28 years have passed since the first film in the series, and this new picture will include Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in their original roles. What, if anything, do we know about the upcoming installment in the buddy police action franchise?

In this article, we will cover all the details of Bad Boys 4.

Will There be a Bad Boys 4?

It is. Production for the fourth film in the franchise was scheduled to begin in January 2020, however, reports indicate that the production has been delayed due to the fallout from Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars.

Since then, the film’s development has been a mystery, until in February 2023, Smith and Lawrence shared a video of Smith visiting Lawrence’s home, in which they confirmed the production of the fourth feature. In the clip, the actors joke that they would have called the movie Bad Boys 4 Life if the third installment hadn’t already used that name. The working title for the fourth movie is still under wraps.

Bad Boys 4 Release Date

No release date has been set for Bad Boys 4, however, given that production has not even begun, the earliest we might see it in theatres is late 2024 or early 2025. Any new information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.

What About the Bad Boys 4 Cast?

In Bad Boys 4, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will play Mike Lowrey and Marcus Bennett again.  Lawrence remarked in an interview with Ebony magazine last year, “We got one more at least.” “[The original Bad Boys] was a huge hit. It was monumental that two Black stars, two comedy stars, could earn money at the box office by working together to prove that we can deliver and bring people into theatres.

Although no further cast members have been announced as of this writing, we can make some educated assumptions.  The first is that Joe Pantoliano won’t be back as Captain Conrad Howard because he was killed off at the end of the third film.

Furthermore, it’s expected that Paola Nez will return as Rita Secada, the former head of AMMO who was promoted to Captain at the end of the previous series. As a result, the option for the return of Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, and Charles Melton remains open.

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If we had to place a wager, we’d say it’s more than likely that we’ll see Jacob Scipio in the role of Armando Aretas, Mike’s kid with the late Isabel (Kate del Castillo), who was also killed off in Bad Boys For Life.

What is the Story of Bad Boys 4?

Without spoiling anything, Bad Boys 4 will presumably follow Mike and Marcus as they take on a new case with AMMO as Mike tries to mend fences with Armando.

While Mike and Marcus were put in control of the AMMO team towards the end of Bad Boys For Life, Rita was promoted to captain of the Miami Police Department. Later, after the credits rolled, Mike paid a visit to Armando in jail to offer him a second chance at life by getting him a job with AMMO.


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