Stranger Again Episode 5 Release Date, Time And Where To Watch?

A divorced couple, who also happen to be divorce attorneys, are forced into each other’s lives once again when they find themselves working at the same law firm. As they navigate the matters of their divorce, they also have to deal with all the emotional baggage from their own broken relationships. Strangers Again is the latest legal romantic, Korean drama, comedy, short that follows the life of Oh Ha Ra and her ex-husband Goo Eun Beom . It is also known as ‘Can We Be Strangers Again‘.

Circumstances force the estranged couple to work together in the same law firm, stirring up old wounds and anger. It will take some time for them to build a strictly professional relationship but is there any chance for them to reunite? The director and writer of the season is Philip Wang. The stars of the season are David Choi, Chris , Cathay Nguyen.

How To Watch Stranger Again Episodes :Releasing Date & Time And Where To Watch

Where Can You Watch Strangers Again Season 1?

If you are wondering where to start episode of Strangers Again manga series, let us tell you, fans of the series will be able to watch the latest chapter online on the streaming platform Rakuten viki . Strangers Again is available on ENA download  for those living inside Korean , so this is your favourite destination to stream it. However, for those outside of Korea, it is available to stream worldwide on Viki.

Expect some delay in uploading episodes by Viki after their initial run in Korea, especially with subtitles available, however these are some of the best on the net on all streaming platforms, so the wait is definitely worth it .

Stranger Again Episode 5 Release Date

For those wondering about the release date of Strangers Again Episode 5, the latest episode of the series will be released on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 . The Anime viewers will be able to watch the upcoming episodes at around 9:00 PM. KST in South Korea

Whereas, international fans of the series will be able to stream it according to their country’s timezone . Episode 5 is expected to be around 1 hour 15 minutes long, which is in line with the time frame for the rest of the show.

How To Watch Stranger Again Episodes :Releasing Date & Time And Where To Watch

How Many Episodes Were In The Strangers Again In Season 1?

Strangers Again Season 1 is expected to have 12 episodes, with two episodes releasing this week. With that in mind, we have  more than 7 episodes to go.

This marks the return of Kang So Ra after taking a break in 2017 to focus on his personal life. She was last seen in the Korean drama The Beauty Inside. Fans are also excited to see veteran actors Lee Jae-won, Jeon Bae-soo and Kil Hae-eun work together in this drama.

Stranger Again Season 1 Plots

I would have liked week 2 even more than last week – while staying zippy and funny, it manages to hit pretty deep in moments. I’m impressed how deep they can really go and  I think the production deserves a pat on the back. Everything we learned about Ha-Ra last week – fiery, talented, wounded – the story takes that foundation and shows us what happens when she thinks she can change everything

We begin where we left off last week. Ha-ra is out with Jae-geom and spies on Yoon-bum with the woman he allegedly destroyed their marriage to: Ki Seo-hee (Park Jung-won). And because she’s Ha-Ra, she immediately confronts them, only to become even more furious.

But because jokes about killing Eun-bum for his betrayal aren’t enough, Ha-ra makes her way to her next case, representing Seo-hee as she battles for custody rights of her daughter. Ha-ra pulls a few strings and thanks to Sunbae or some combination thereof I love this lol of her PD’s Dongseong’s wife’s friend, in about five seconds she’s representing Seo-hee’s ex-husband. Just like last week, this take on luring is far-fetched and totally unprofessional, but we’ll just give them a Dramaland hall pass, because the entanglement between these two couples reveals a ton of plot that no other will not come out of Way.

During a court appearance, Ha-ra and Eun-bum become so agitated over the matter that the poor presiding judge tells his clients, “Your lawyers are so emotional as if it’s their own battle .” And then he has to eat his words because it’s soon revealed for what it really is.

Later, when the fight turns ugly, each team pulls out their hidden card: Eun-bum says that Seo-hee left her family because her husband attacked her. Then, not wanting to be defeated, Ha-ra plays the card they were all dreading: Seo-hee was an adulteress who voluntarily left her family. 

Another important thing to talk about this week is Eun-bum and what we learn from him. We know from our first episode that he’s still not over Ha-Ra, but we also see what their married life was like. Ha-ra’s strong personality and priorities win him over, and eventually kick him out

How To Watch Stranger Again Episodes :Releasing Date & Time And Where To Watch


While we still mostly exist in Ha-ra’s world, we get a sense of Eun-bum’s closeness to Seo-hee and her family this week, and see how much effort and emotion she puts into her case. . The custody battle case itself may have been a bit fishy , but I liked the way it played out and exposed our leadership’s biases and attitudes.

Be it the pangs of a mother yearning for her child or the pain of being abandoned, all the emotional beats are hit quite well. This arc also opened up the important question of children, and we learn how much Ha-ra wants to be a mother, and how much Eun-bum doesn’t want to be a father but then again the way he saw Seo-hee’s daughter be okay It’s definitely ready for a change .

With the plot zipping along, we’re left with some important questions for next week. Will Eun-bum make it official with Seo-hee, and thus move on from Ha-ra (though one wonders why he didn’t do it earlier)?  How will Ha-ra’s relationship with Jae-geom be affected by the humiliation and insecurities she is now carrying after Eun-bum’s confession? Will she be able to accept the love that he basically has in her direction, or will she retreat into herself and re-evaluate her life?

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