Is Bad Boys LA Star Kerrion Franklin Gay? Franklin’s Son Was Seen Crying on a Gay Reality Show.

Is Kerrion Franklin Gay: Kirk Franklin’s son Kerrion has been the subject of gay suspicions since he was a youngster. Despite the fact that many people believe he is gay, there have been no formal statements on the matter.

Who is Kerrion Franklin?

The 52-year-old American choirmaster Kirk Franklin (Instagram)is Kerrion’s father! He is primarily recognized for leading urban modern choruses.

The Family, God’s Property, and One Nation Crew are just a few of the gospel choirs he has led. Kerrion is Kirk’s eldest son, who has followed in his footsteps to prominence as an author, producer, cinematographer, and reality TV personality.

Kerrion said his parents put him in private school and he went to awards shows with his father, such as the 1999 Essence Awards. Then in 2022, Kirk will tour with Maverick City Music.

Anyone who follows Kirk is well aware of the difficulties he has had with his child Kirk. They appear to have a strained father-child relationship, as evidenced by Kerrion’s disclosure of their phone records.

The two of them were shown using obscene language in the recording, and Kirk afterward apologized to his supporters for his behavior. Nonetheless, the media is buzzing about them again after Kerrion was spotted crying in the teaser for Bad Boys: LA Super.

Is Kerrion Franklin Gay?

Kerrion has been in the running for a long time, and his sexuality has always been a topic of discussion. It looks that he is gay, although he has never officially identified as such, thus it is difficult to be certain.

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There have been rumors that he is dating Durrell Smylie; however, this has yet to be confirmed. The actual reason why he has a good relationship with his father is not known to the general public at this time.


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Many people believe this is because of his sexual orientation. In any event, there is no validity to this charge because there is no evidence that Kirk is homophobic. Kerrion might be able to provide some light on the situation.

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