Is Ramón Rodríguez Married? Is He Dating Anyone Right Now?

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned police procedural. The newest smash hit series on ABC is not an exception; it’s called Will Trent. The show, based on the novel by Karin Slaughter, follows Special Agent Will Trent as he works for the Georgia Bureau of Investigations while dealing with the effects of his difficult background. Will, who was abandoned in infancy and raised in Atlanta’s foster care system, is dedicated to bettering the lives of those around him.

Ramón Rodrguez, a Puerto Rican actor, brings a lot of charisma and charm to the role of Will Trent. I really like this protagonist. In a recent interview, Ramón stated, “I admire him.” “He’s just a very complicated guy trying to figure out life,” I said. Ramón’s portrayal of Will Trent onscreen is mostly responsible for the character’s endearing qualities. Is anyone actually taken in by the actor’s charms in real life? What is it?

Who is Ramón Rodríguez?

The primary role of Will Trent on the ABC sitcom Will Trent is currently being played by Puerto Rican actor Ramón Rodrguez. Previous roles of note include those in the TV shows The Wire (2006-2008) and Day Break (2006-2007) and the movies Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009).

During the 2011 revival of Charlie’s Angels, he played John Bosley. Rodriguez portrayed Ryan Lopez in the 2014 season of the Fox crime drama Gang Related. In 2018, he portrayed Benjamin Cruz on the Showtime drama The Affair.

Is Ramón Rodríguez Married?

Since coming into the public eye in 2005, the Will Trent star has kept his personal life, including his sexual relationships, extremely under wraps. Speculation about a romantic relationship between Ramón and Minka Kelly surfaced around 2011. They had screen time on an episode of Charlie’s Angels in 2011. Former street racer Eve was played by Minka, and former hacker John Bosley was played by Ramón.

A source on set told PEOPLE in 2011 that “we have seen Minka and Ramón conversing in his trailer long after hours, and even late into the night.” They’ve stayed together much past the point when they should have for the show’s sake.

However, just like the sitcom itself (which was cancelled by ABC due to low ratings), the romantic rumours quickly died down. “They’re simply friends,” another source explained to PEOPLE. Since Ramón is virtually the only male cast member, he naturally becomes the centre of attention.

No other potential suitors have been spotted in Ramón’s life since then. Whether Will Trent’s protagonist is happily single or very good at keeping his relationships under wraps, it’s clear that he’s not involved with anyone. Watch Will Trent Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Is Ramón Rodriguez Dating Anyone Right Now?

As far as we can tell, the dashing Ramón Rodrguez is currently available and looking for a date. The Puerto Rican celebrity has kept his romantic life very under wraps, making it clear that he hasn’t found the one yet — or, if he has, he’s doing a great job of hiding it. He dated Minka Kelly, a former “Charlie’s Angels” co-star and the sexiest woman alive according to Esquire, in 2011.

The star of “The Wire” has since managed to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. As of this writing, we have reason to think that Ramón Rodrguez is both unmarried and actively establishing himself as a major player in his field. We’re thrilled to see Ramón thriving in Hollywood, where he can put his full attention on his career and establish himself as a serious contender.


Ramón Rodriguez Career

In 2005, Rodriguez made his acting debut as ngel Rodrguez in the VHS movie Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power and as Kevin Vasquez in two episodes of the TV show Rescue Me. His subsequent acting credits include Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Day Break, and The Wire.

In addition to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Bella, he has also been in Pride and Glory (2008), Surfer, Dude (2008), The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009), and Bella (2006). (2009). In 2011, Charlie’s Angels were remade for television, and Rodriguez was chosen to play John Bosley. Just four episodes into the season, the show was cancelled.

Starring as Ryan Lopez, the adopted son of a crime lord who infiltrates the LAPD to keep his family one step ahead of the authorities, he became a household name in 2013 thanks to his starring role on the Fox crime thriller series Gang Related. In 2014, the show premiered, however after only one season, it was cancelled. After that, Rodriguez played alongside Aaron Paul as Joe “Beasty” Peck in the action flick Need for Speed.

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