Is Tyrus Married? Learn Everything About His Wife!

Is Tyrus Married, Many people are asking this question, and Tyrus is an American professional wrestler who is signed to the National Wrestling Alliance. Many young women go completely crazy over him. If you want to learn if is Tyrus actually married, read on!

Who is Tyrus?

George Murdoch, better known by his ring name, Tyrus, is an American professional wrestler, television news commentator, and actor. The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) has signed him as a wrestler, and he currently holds the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in his career. He is a regular on Fox News and the network’s streaming service, Fox Nation, where he serves as a co-host/panelist on the late-night discussion show Gutfeld! and as a contributor/fill-in host for other shows.

Murdoch, under the ring name Brodus Clay, debuted in the fourth season of NXT, a WWE television show in which rookies are partnered with seasoned WWE wrestlers as mentors, after training in WWE’s developmental territories like Deep South Wrestling (DSW) and Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). He first appeared on the main roster in the role of bodyguard for Alberto Del Rio.


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In 2012, WWE rebranded him as The Funkusaurus, a funk dancer with a team of funk-dancing dactyls as his dance crew. He was a WWE wrestler until 2014. Murdoch, wrestling as Tyrus, competed for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA, now Impact Wrestling) from 2014 to 2017. After signing with the NWA in 2021, he quickly rose through the ranks, first capturing the NWA World Television Championship and then the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Is Tyrus Married?

This man, the greatest wrestler of all time, has gotten married. Additionally, he is romantically involved with Ingrid Rinck. They have a daughter together, in addition to Tyrus’s two kids from previous relationships.

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Who is Tyrus’s Wife, Ingrid Rinck?

Businesswoman Ingrid Rinck of the United States specializes in health and wellness.

Is Tyrus Married

She is the brains behind Sensible Meals, one of the largest meal prep businesses in the United States, and the wife of professional wrestler Tyrus, both of which have helped her gain notoriety.

How did Tyrus and Tyrus’s Wife Ingrid Meet?

Even though not much is known about Tyrus and Rinck’s past, they became famous after they had a daughter. In the meantime, it came to light that Rinck had two sons from a prior relationship.


When did Tyrus and Ingrid marry?

In 2020, Tyrus publicly acknowledged his relationship with Ingrid Rinck. Tyrus and Ingrid had already been living together and were frequently spotted in public before they came out. Despite these signs, the couple remained mysteriously tight-lipped about their relationship, making it difficult to ascertain whether or not they were wed.

In April 2020, Tyrus finally admitted that he and Ingrid had gotten married years earlier, putting to rest rumors to that effect. But he was vague about the year they tied the knot. Tyrus, however, claimed on Twitter that, after many years of marriage, he had finally proposed to his wife.

Tyrus Career

After signing with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Murdoch was sent to WWE’s developmental territory of Deep South Wrestling (DSW). He made his debut in September 2006 under the ring name G-Rilla and the character of a street gangster. On September 7, in a dark match for the promotion, he made his debut and defeated Big Bully Douglas.

G-Rilla joined the tag team Urban Assault, which consists of Eric Pérez and Sonny Siaki, the next month as their enforcer. The conflict he started with The Bag Lady prevented Urban Assault from challenging The Major Brothers (Brian and Brett) for the DSW Tag Team Championship on October 26.

Even though Urban Assault was victorious in taking the titles from them on November 30th, the incident was replicated on December 21st when G-Rilla began fighting with Bag Lady’s friend Freakin’ Deacon at ringside, leading to a loss for Urban Assault to the Major Brothers. On the same night that Deacon won his singles battle, G-Rilla was attacked by Perez, Siaki, and the newest member Afa Jr., who promptly kicked him out of the gang.

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