Jett Kain Net Worth, Wife, Son, Gay Rumor and More!

In the Netflix series “Bling Empire: New York,” we meet a diverse group of wealthy Asian Americans in the Big Apple and their families. With his on-screen prowess as a cinematographer, Lynn Ban’s husband Jett Kain drew a lot of attention when he made an appearance. Jett’s job is mentioned multiple times, leaving viewers to wonder what exactly Lynn’s significant other works for a living. So, let’s investigate the same and see how much cash he has amassed so far!

Jett Kain Net Worth

Jett’s net worth can only be grasped by considering his several streams of revenue. In New York, a business owner with a model similar to Jett’s can expect to make $500,000 per year. In addition, a person working in the media or marketing may expect an annual salary of almost $90,000.

The fact that he is an active photographer also increases his earnings potential by about $85,000, which is the average for those who work in the field. Nevertheless, considering his degree of achievement, Jett’s salary is likely to be considerably higher than average. After factoring in all of Jett Kain’s profits, we come up with a number that’s very close to $5 million.

Jett Kain Age

Jett Kain will be 54 years old by the time this story is published in January 2023. The year of his birth is 1968.

Jett Kain Wife

Jewelry designer Lynn Ban of Singapore displays class and charm. She was a veteran of the fashion world and now sold pre-owned items. The likes of Barneys, Dover Street Market and Maxfield carried her first collection.

Jett Kain Net Worth, Wife, Son, Gay Rumor and career

On May 27th, 1973, in the city-state of Singapore, Lynn Ban joined the world. Her parents grew up on Orchard Road. Lynn Ban’s father, Venus Assets CEO and real estate tycoon David Ban is a well-respected member of the community. Patricia, a skilled gemologist, was a major influence on her daughter, who now studies fashion design. But her mother had to stop working to take care of her children.

Her father founded the Japanese restaurant chain Genki Sushi, which has outposts in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Since Lynn’s father, a banker, frequently traveled for work, the family frequently relocated. Lynn and her sibling spent their childhoods in close proximity to one another. They had returned to Singapore while she was a senior in high school there. Gallatin School of Individualized Study is where Lynn received her Bachelor of Arts in both art history and literature.

Jett Kain Son

Jett Kain has only one son, Sebastian.

Jett Kain’s only son and Bling Empire’s main attraction, Sebastian (or “Seabass”) Kain is a viral video sensation. Instagram posts by Patricia Ban reveal that Lynn regularly brings her son along. Seabass and his mother have visited a wide variety of nations, from Italy and India to Japan and beyond. Sebastian is close to Rihanna, a multimillionaire musician, and businessman because Lynn is tight with her.

In an interview with WWD, Sebastian’s mother explained that she hoped to appear on Bling Empire to “convey my experience of how I migrated here, worked my way up, and handled being an Asian mother, wife, and designer in the fashion world, managing work, and home responsibilities.”

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Vintage apparel expert and 25-year industry veteran Lynn Ban launched her eponymous bespoke jewelry business in 2011.

Jett Kain Gay

In the Netflix show Bling Empire, Jett Kain, Lin Bane’s spouse, is not gay. This guy has his head on straight.

For More InformationIs Jett Kain Gay or Not

Jett Kain Career

Previously, Jett Kain covered the music industry for MTV as a reporter and producer. His father-in-law had created the Genki Sushi franchise, and he later helped his wife get it off the ground in the United States. His IMDb page claims that he worked as an associate producer for the VH1 Fashion & Music Awards.

Jett is currently employed by his wife’s business, Lynn Ban Jewelry, in the role of artistic director. With the help of graffiti artists Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Wall of the graffiti combo Mint & Serf, he had his Lynn’s simple white Hermes bag painted to make it stand out, which led to an article with in 2013.

After Jett “showed them the bag,” the two hit it off immediately. After doing some investigating, they proposed the “Mirfkin” to me.

Blake, Lynn Bann, and Jett had lunch on the patio of a city restaurant in the first season of the Netflix show. There was a clear sense of mutual respect and familiarity between them. Contrarily, Jett was “finally” dating Blake after a “long time.” There was harmony in the air until Jett asked, “So like, are you gay?”

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