Will ‘Woman of the Dead’ Get a Second Season? Review and Analysis

Woman of the Dead is an Austrian crime mystery series that shows how far a woman will go to get revenge after her husband dies. It also shows how good and evil are always fighting for control in each of us. It is based on the same-named book series by Bernhard Aichner.

Undertaker Blum has to deal with death every day, but when her husband is killed, she is shocked and wants to get even. She is a wife and mother who loves her family no matter what, and she is also a cruel predator. In this article, we’ll talk about whether or not Woman of the Dead will get a second season and a lot more. Read the whole thing to find out all the details.

Will Woman of the Dead Have a Second Season?

As of now, there has been no word on whether or not the show will be back for a second season. Despite this, Woman of the Dead has two things going for it. First of all, the show is getting a lot of praise from viewers right now.

There are 19 ratings for it on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Audience Score is 81%. Another thing to note is that the show has become more popular on IMDb, going from 3,311th to 178th place overall. It also has a 6.8 out of 10 rating on IMDb. So, people are starting to talk about the show, which means that more and more people will watch it.

Woman of the Dead Season 2 Release Date

As I said above, there is already a book in the series that can be turned into a movie script. Because of this, you can expect a much faster turnaround time than you normally would. Also, the first book was written by a team of writers for the series, so if we get the renewal, they can quickly get back to work on the second season.

Woman Of The Dead Season 2 Release Date

With all of that in mind, we might not see season two on Netflix until early 2024. If there are any changes or new information about the second season of the show, we will let you know.

Woman of the Dead Season 1 Recap

Brunhilde Blum is the main character of the series. She works as an undertaker in a small town in the Austrian mountains. When her husband is killed, she starts looking into the murder on her own.

During this process, she reveals the dirty, ugly parts of the small town, putting herself in a very dangerous situation. All six episodes of the show, which stars Anna Maria Mühe as Brunhilde Blum, were directed by Nicolai Rohde. Felix Klare played Herr Blum, and Yousef Joe Sweid played Reza Shadid.

Woman of the Dead Season 1 Ending Explanation

Woman of the Dead’s ending has a twist that answers the last question about who hit Mark: it was Massimo, Mark’s police partner and the fifth man in the group. He knew about Mark’s investigation, and the men’s group has always looked to him to do the killing.

He just did what he’s always done for them: killed the people they’ve wanted dead since they were young. He attacks Blum and drags her to the place where all the girls were taken, but Reza comes to help and kills Mark. It’s over. Blum killed all five of the people who killed her husband.

The FBI is looking into her. Blum is a suspect because she was the last person to see Schoenborn and Jaunig alive. Her blood is also in Puch’s kitchen, so it won’t be long before the police figure out what happened.

But the ending of Woman of the Dead shows us how Blum saves herself: she meets Johanna Schoenborn and tells her that she owns the video that was found in her son Edwin’s studio, which shows what he and the other men did.

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What Could Be the Storyline of Woman of the Dead Season 2?

Now, everyone wants to know: Can Woman of the Dead have a Season 2? What could happen after what we just read about the first season’s plot? Yes, that’s the answer.

Woman of the Dead Season 2

Yes, a Season 2 is possible for one simple reason: Bernhard Aichner’s book Woman of the Dead (in German, Totenfrau) is the first book in a trilogy that also includes Totenhaus and Totenrausch. Blum is the main character in all three books.

Woman of the Dead’s follow-up, Totenhaus, starts with the police digging up a grave in Innsbruck and finding the pieces of one of the men Blum killed. The pieces were cut up and thrown away. They immediately think of Blum, the funeral director, because he is the only person who could have put those pieces in the coffin.

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Woman of the Dead Season 2 Cast

The cast members of Woman of the Dead are very interesting and have given their best performances in all of the episodes of Woman of the Dead season 2. Now, the audience is looking forward to seeing them again in the next season of Woman of the Dead. In this new season, many old cast members will return, and a few new faces will also be seen.

  • Anna Maria Mühe as Brunhilde Blum
  • Reza Shadid as Yousef Sweid
  • Herr Blum, played by Felix Klare
  • Romina Küper as Dunja
  • Simon Schwarz as Pfarrer Jaunig
  • Gregor Bloéb as Bertl Puch
  • Robert Palfrader as Wilhelm Danzberger.

Is There a Trailer for Woman of the Dead Season 2?

Fans are always excited by a great trailer, and the first season of Woman of the Dead had a great trailer, so fans were very happy and liked watching it. Now, they are looking forward to the next season and waiting for the official Woman of the Dead season 2 trailer to be updated.

Watch: Season 1 Trailer


How many Episodes of Woman of the Dead Season 2?

Woman of the Dead’s first season had six episodes, and it was over very quickly. The viewers, on the other hand, thought there would be a few more episodes in the first season. Now, fans want to know how many episodes season 2 of Woman of the Dead will have. Woman of the Dead season 2 will have at least six episodes, and maybe a few more.

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