Batman’s Greatest Success is Nightwing!

Are you still a big fan of comic book heroes? or did you frequently watch comic book characters or superheroes when you were younger who had special abilities and so on? Such include the Bad Guy, Hulk, other characters from Marvel, and a great many others. If the answer is quite yes! then this news is for you and I am pretty sure that you like even love to know that “Nightwing”, is now available on  Amazon prime which means you can directly watch it on amazon prime videos.

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Well, “Nightwing” is a superhero who is appearing in American comic books and is associated with Batman, which originates from the classic superheroes stories. Do you the main cast member of that comic book! Note, for instance, the following are-

Publisher- DC Comics

Created by:  Superman Edmond hamilton

If we fleeting look at the story of Nightwing which originally appeared in “Superman in Kandor,” which was published in issue #158 of the Superman comic book series. In the stories that take place before the Crisis, Superman hides under this guise.

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The action of the novel takes place in Kandor, a city on Krypton that Brainiac has miniaturized and preserved by putting it in a bottle. Due to a misconception, Superman is considered an outlaw in Kandor, despite the fact that he does not possess any superpowers.

Moving forward to the post where Jason Inman has twitted that Batman is the greatest movie and highly appreciated by the audience and fans that’s why Batman has gained so much popularity and success as well. Despite this, I said that batman’s greatest success is Nightwing. If we enlighten Nightwear who is the character who has extreme superpowers and through these sorts of powers he became the greatest hero on earth special thanks to Bruce.

After,  reading that tweet, there is another post on Twitter by Tom Taylor, who is a well-known author and has a multifaceted personality. In this post, Tom Taylor makes the observation that he is one of the fans of Nightwing as a result of its engaging, inclined storyline, which includes a lot of actions and twists. in addition to this, the author of his work is highly passionate and thrilled to be working with Nightwing legends. To be honest, this is an extremely thoughtful observation in reference to Nightwing.

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